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Quilters love to explore appliqué as a way to add designs to their fabric, in addition to piecing. While traditional quilters hand-stitched their fabric motifs in place, contemporary quilters are more apt to fuse or use machine appliqué techniques, opening up new, faster, design possibilities.

With the help of this free eBook you'll explore various methods for how to appliqué quilt elements. Start your explorations with Vivika Hansen DeNegre’s tiny tote, featuring fused, raw-edge appliqué hexagons. If you love the curves of a fanciful landscape quilt but don’t know how to appliqué the pieces, Rose’s tutorial will show you the way! Define lines with Ellen Anne Eddy's tips on free-motion appliqué. Or, for an easy, breezy, mixed-media approach, try making Mary’s reverse-appliqué flags. Have fun learning from the experts! Download this free eBook today.

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Whether you are interested in machine or hand appliqué stitch techniques, this free eBook will get you started with some fun and interesting basics. Along with a variety of techniques you'll also find inspiration to create each of these appliqué quilts. Bring your quilts to life with this must-have collection of articles and projects!

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How to Appliqué: 4 Free Appliqué Patterns and Quilt Techniques

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Create beautiful quilt applique patterns like this one with this free eBook.

Easy Applique Quilt: Flying Colors by Mary Stoudt

Project #1

Flying Colors by Mary Stoudt

While most quilts adorn the home inside, Mary’s appliqué design can decorate the outside of your home with quilts as well. These flags are made to be viewed and enjoyed from either side, and they are quick to make. Quotations, poetry, or favorite song lyrics with a common theme will be printed on fabric to become the machine appliqué designs on your flags.

Free-Motion Machine Appliqué Explained and Explored by Ellen Anne Eddy

Project #2

Defining the Line: Free-Motion Appliqué Explained and Explored by Ellen Anne Eddy

Learn how to use free-motion appliqué quilting techniques with this tutorial. Sewing in a horizontal line with a zigzag stitch will produce a narrow "jump" stitch that can be used to smooth any shape into a lovely, organic line. This piece of advice, along with expert tips on shading and thread choices, will help you be successful creating your own of Ellen’s appliqué quilt designs.

Hand Applique Example: The Heartfelt Landscape by Rose Hughes

Project #3

The Heartfelt Landscape by Rose Hughes

Have you ever looked at a beautiful scene, or imagined a fanciful design, and thought it was impossible to sew those amazing curves? If so, Rose has all the answers for you. In this appliqué tutorial you will learn how to layer your landscape to create real depth. Combine simple straight-stitch hand appliqué piecing methods with machine appliqué to produce shapes that are normally very difficult to piece. Now traveling and picture taking have taken on a new meaning.

Applique Quilting: Pretty Little Tote Bag by Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Project #4

Pretty Little Tote Bag by Vivika Hansen DeNegre

What girl (or gal) doesn’t love a small bag to carry her things? This tiny tote is easy to make, and can be completed in no time. The raw-edge appliqué hexagons fused to the outside pocket give the bag a modern appeal.

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Create beautiful machine applique designs like this with this free download.

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How to Appliqué: 4 Free Appliqué Patterns and Quilt Techniques

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