Textile Art Techniques for Quilters: 5 Free Fiber Art and Fabric Art Projects

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So much of what we already do is considered fabric art, but today we're here to challenge you to new heights in quilt, fiber and fabric crafts. In this free eBook from Quilting Daily, we offer quilters of all skill levels new ways to explore the wide world of fiber art projects.

It's all about dimension using the 3D quilt patterns for floral embellishments and brooches. The next project will have your imagination traveling through line, shape and color using a variety of materials (such as fabric, paint, and thread) to create fabric collage quilts. Then, build 3-D quilts with scavenged studio scraps reminiscent of a nest.

Next make a soothing eye pillow using mini art quilts and felt pieces. Finally, follow the artfully surprising quilt challenge and learn to create fiber art quilts on a whim. Start your own adventure today when you download your copy of this free eBook!

Download your 5 free fiber art and fabric art projects.

Fall in love with textile, fiber, and fabric art with this free eBook!

Get all five of these fun fabric art projects with this free download.

Explore the many styles and techniques of textile art with this collection of unique projects. Ready to try 3-D quilts? Whether you've made them before, or are working on your first one, you'll discover how much fun 3-D can be. Next, work on a fabric collage to capture a memory and show off your skills in a finish item for your home. Even start your own quilt challenge with other artists to challenge yourself to try new techniques. You can try one or all five techniques, it's up to you!

Plus, along with this free eBook, you'll also receive a free membership to our Quilting Daily community. This membership provides you with access to our free projects library, blogs, and newsletter; plus you'll gain the help and support of thousands of quilt artists of all abilities. What are you waiting for? Download this free eBook to get started!

From artful collage and mini felted quilts to 3D quilt patterns, this free eBook has a little bit of everything. Ready to get started? Simply enter your email to download all the projects today.

Textile Art Techniques for Quilters: 5 Free Fiber Art and Fabric Art Projects

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Learn how to create fabric crafts like these squares for using on quilts and more.

3d Quilt Patterns: All About Dimension by Diane Nunez


All About Dimension by Diane Núñez

Diane's quilts are all about color and dimension. Discovering the benefits of using wireform mesh to help the fabric retain its shape, she developed this easy process for creating sculptural elements. The easy flower shapes featured here can be completed quickly, with items you probably already have in your stash. These flowers can be turned into brooches, free-standing decorations, or embellishments for your other projects.

Fabric Scraps Quilt: Feathering the Nest by Vivika Hansen DeNegre


Feathering the Nest by Vivika Hansen DeNegre

One winter Vivika decided to save the tiny scraps of colored thread snipped at her sewing machine, and in spring, threw them outside for birds to use in building nests. The results were beautiful, gray sticks, brown grass, and velvety leaves woven together with colorful threads. These artful creations became her inspiration for the 3-D fiber collage projects presented in this article. Learn how to use fabric scraps, odds and ends, and embellishment techniques to create these fun designs.

Fiber Art Projects: Starry Starry Night Scented Dream Pillow by Jeanelle McCall


Starry Starry Night Scented Dream Pillow by Jeanelle McCall

This is a pillow to dream with, one that promises sweet sleep and delicious smells. The beauty of this project is you can use a variety of techniques to create the fiber piece for the pillow, such as needle felting, appliqué, fabric painting or thread painting. In this article, Jeanelle demonstrates a needle-felt quilt center, but shows example of alternative methods. This design is finished off with a combination of herbs is tucked inside a secret pocket to ensure pleasant, restful dreams.

Fabric Collage Art Maps by Valerie S. Goodwin


Collaged Art Maps by Valerie S. Goodwin

Fascinated by maps, Valerie started using art quilt pieces to capture the history, stories, legends, and traditions of places visited. These small collage maps utilize a variety of materials including paint, fabric, and thread to create fun, small works of art. In this article, she explains how to make an 8 1/2 x 11 collage art map. Learn how to combine shape, color, and form to create your own landscapes with this free project.

3-D Quilts: A 5-Day Quilt Challenge by Leilani Pierson


A 5-Day Quilt Challenge by Leilani Pierson

If you love a good, arty surprise, then you will love this challenge. It's all about taking a vague set of plans for a particular project, then throwing in some happily unexpected instructions or materials and watching them lead you into a completely new direction. During this project, participants work on one piece for five days straight, being presented a new set of instructions each morning. Follow along Leilani's 5-Day adventure and get tips for setting up your own challenge.

What are you waiting for? Download your free fiber art projects today!

Your imagination will be bursting at the seams with the variety of techniques you'll learn from this free eBook of fabric crafts and fiber projects.

  • Create free form, sculptural 3-D embellishments/brooches using wireform mesh, fabric, batting and a simple machine stitching.
  • Capture the history, stories, and traditions of places you've visited by creating a fabric collage.
  • Use up some of those found objects, fabric scraps, and bits and pieces from your stash to create a 3-D fiber collage.
  • Or use up your fabric scraps to create a scented dream pillow and dive into the basics of needle-felted quilts.
  • Then, host your own adventurous 5-Day quilt challenge to stretch your technical abilities.

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Create these fiber art collage projects with scraps and more.

Don't forget to download your free textile are techniques eBook.

Whether you're new to textile art or not, you are sure to love each of the unique projects and techniques in this eBook. Download yours today:

Textile Art Techniques for Quilters: 5 Free Fiber Art and Fabric Art Projects

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