Free Guide to Quilt Embellishment Techniques + Projects

Learn 5 Innovative Ways to Embellish Your Fiber Art

There are countless different embellishment techniques to add pizzazz to your art quilts, enhancing their texture, color, and overall design. In this free eBook from Quilting Daily, today’s top art quilters are taking you through tons of ideas, with ways you may not have thought of to embellish your fiber art.

Open up this collection and you’ll find information on hand embroidery, bead fringe, using buttons and more. The mantra of this free eBook? Don’t be afraid to pile it on! Let these expert designers show you innovative ways of sewing embellishments to your quilts. Download this FREE eBook and have fun getting carried away!

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Download your free quilt embellishment techniques eBook.
Check out the free download for all these quilt embellishment ideas and much more!

Discover a myriad of fabric embellishment techniques and ideas in this free download!

From fabric beads to stitches and found objects, these free quilt embellishment ideas are sure to add that extra something to your art quilts. Let our expert designers show you how to eliminate all boundaries and explore the endless possibilities that come with fabric embellishment techniques. With this free eBook you’ll learn to approach your fiber art with new eyes using hand stitches, bead embellishments, buttons, even toys and household items!

Embellished Fabric Method: A Sandwich, For Starters by Lucky Shie

Project #1

A Sandwich, For Starters by Lucky Shie

Susan Shie, known affectionately as Lucky, has cultivated an unusual approach to the embellished quilt art. The layers are first sandwiched and bound and only then is the quilt appliquéd and embellished, a process which binds the layers together suing fabric embellishments.

Bead Fringe Embellishment: Fabric Bead Frenzy by Gail Ellspermann

Project #2

Fabric Bead Frenzy by Gail Ellspermann

If you have never made fabric beads or used them to embellish your fiber art, you won’t believe what stunning design qualities these little beads will make. Use these instructions to make your own fabric beads to use in all sorts of beaded embellishments, from clothing to quilts.

Embellishment Techniques: Embellishing with Attitude by Pamela Allen

Project #3

Embellishing with Attitude by Pamela Allen

This technique will show you how to incorporate trim, bead fringe and hand embroidery to embellish your quilting projects plus, show you how to use stitching to add texture. Pamela suggests start using items you may not immediately think of for embellished fabric, but that are irresistible for enriching the narrative of your work. From subjects to symbols she’ll help you find just the right focus for your quilt.

Found Object and Beaded Embellishment: Outrageous Embellishment by Frances Holliday Alford

Project #4

Outrageous Embellishment by Frances Holliday Alford

These designs bring such a fun and playful aspect to techniques for embellished fabric. By using all kinds of items and grouping according to color and style, this designer has made a distinct pattern for stunning embellishment.

Fabric Embellishment: Recycled Going Green! Wall Hangings by Belinda Spiwak

Project #5

Recycled Going Green! Wall Hangings by Belinda Spiwak

The beauty of fabric embellishments is endless. In this particular segment you’ll learn how to use fabric scraps and recycled items to create beautiful hand embellished wall hangings. Part of the beauty of using things you already have is that you are giving them a new purpose. There’s so much that you can do with fabric, fiber, paper, and metal scraps.

What are you waiting for? Turn your handmade quilts into a work of art with these quilt binding techniques!

Find new ways to embellish your fiber art. It’s like putting the icing on the cake. With this FREE eBook from the inventive designers at Quilting Daily, you’ll get tons of new ideas for fabric embellishments to match your quilting style. Learn how to use items you already have to embellish your work. Discover new embroidery stitches. Start making fabric beads. Finish those projects no matter how large or small with the artistic quilt embellishment ideas in this FREE eBook.

Learn how to add fabric embellishments to your quilt to make designs like this.