How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt

Learning how to make a quilt is easier than you think, when you have help from the experts. With this free eBook, you'll learn how to make a quilt using a variety of materials, from unusual selections such as silk flowers and chiffon, to matching fabric and scraps from your stash. You will even get quilting lessons on using paint and gesso in your quilt making. Plus at the same time, you'll receive basic quilting lessons for making a quilt binding, machine quilting, and fabric fusing.

Quilt making doesn't have to be complex or a time consuming process of cutting, piecing, and sewing tiny seams. Making quilts can be fun and enjoyable from start to finish! Learn how to get started with quilting tips on designing, making a quilt sandwich, machine stitching, hand stitching, adding embellishments, binding, and more. With the expert advice from these 5 quilt making artists, you'll learn how to make a quilt that is a unique work of art, as individual as you are. Download your free eBook to get started today!

Learn how to make a quilt from start to finish with this free eBook from Quilting Daily

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Explore a whole new realm of fabrics with these quilting instructions.

If you find yourself beckoned by new and exciting fabrics, but are unsure of how to make quilts with them, this is the place to discover a great quilting technique to use! Follow the inspiring story of Peggy Holt and her journey to discovering how to use silk flowers and chiffon to make a quilt that is a sheer sensation. Then, join quilt making artist Yvonne Porcella as she demonstrates how to quilt a self-portrait using fused appliqué, for a quick-to-make project that is certain to open up a world of possibilities.

Next, join artists Jane Dávila and Elin Waterston for a quilting challenge that shows how two artists, given the same parameters, create completely different quilts. After reading through their approach, you may want to grab a quilt making friend and design a similar challenge to ignite your creativity! Finally, Patricia Gaignat shares her artistic journey through canvas, gesso, fabric, and paint to create journal quilts that are truly an artistic expression of self.

Whether you are just learning how to make quilts, or have been creating them for years, this collection of quilting ideas is sure to inspire you to make a quilt that is truly outside the box!

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How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt

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Discover your inner creativity with 4 free quilting lessons.

Transform your quilts with these bright quilt ideas.

Quilting Tips: Technique #1

"Transformation " by Peggy Holt

Part of the joy of quilting is the quest for tools and materials. Sometimes, you will come across a fabric that just beckons to be taken home, but once you have arrived, you have no idea what to do with it. This humorous and informative article focuses on the serendipity that happens when you discover how to use a new and exciting fabric. Artist Peggy Holt spied some variegated chiffon in the bridal department of a local store, and discovered a unique way to incorporate it into her quilt projects. In this process, the background serves as a canvas for the embellishments and chiffon. Follow her witty quilting instructions to learn her entire process to make a quilt, from adding the embellishments and anchoring them, to binding and finishing the quilt.

Self-portraits are a fun way to explore a variety of quilt projects and techniques.

Quilting Tips: Technique #2

"Creative Self Portraits" by Yvonne Porcella

Sometimes starting a small project is just the thing you need! Self-portraits are not only quick, but a fun, spontaneous project to let your imagination let loose on. Yvonne had just finished a six-month project and was looking for a fast format for her art. She able to make her first quilt in one day, and found the process very rewarding, fun, and creative. Prepare the fabrics for use by ironing on fusible web, then create the face outline using tracing paper. Her detailed instructions then discuss the size and shape possibilities of each element of the face, allowing for creative expression without wasting time deciphering the details. You will also learn how to stitch the piece, layer the quilt, and bind the edges. Begin your own self-portrait quilt series by following her straightforward instructions for how to make quilts. Your piece will be fished in no time with these simple to follow quilting instructions!

Two artists share their quilting tips for a 'how to quilt' challenge using fish.

Quilting Tips: Technique #3

"Take 2: Two Quilt Artists Share Their Unique Approach to a Fishy Subject"
by Jane Dávila and Elin Waterston

Artists Jane and Elin began this quilt challenge with the same parameters: to create a small art quilt, 8” x 10”, using a fish as the subject. Jane starts all her quilts by looking through the thumbnail sketches from her sketchbook, and this challenge was no exception. Formerly a printmaker, she still enjoys experimenting with printing on her quilt projects. So, for this challenge, she used a traditional Japanese printing method, called gyotaku, to print the likeness of a fish using a rubber replica. Along the way, Jane will show you how to use a brayer to roll paint on the subject, how to transfer the image onto the fabric using the gyotaku method, how to add color and detail, choosing complementary and contrasting fabrics, and finishing. Quilt making artist #2, Elin, loves to draw and paint, so she decided to add a painted fish as the centerpiece for her fabric collage. Her quilting instructions explain how to create the fish, then how to form a fabric collage around the figure. She also shows how to go about finishing the project by adding detail to define the shapes, trimming to final size, then painting the edges to prevent fraying. Learn how to make a quilt following these two very different methods when you download your free ‘how to quilt’ eBook today!

Learn all about using layers in your quilt making with these simple to follow quilting lessons.

Quilting Tips: Technique #4

"Stitched Layers " by Patricia Gaignat

When you consider the art of creating journal quilts, rarely does one think to create it with canvas, gesso, fabric, and paint. Let your creative spirit loose and have some fun with this unstructured, playful way of quilt making. Artist Patricia Gaignat nearly gave up on her fanciful quilt, hitting an ugly stage and almost abandoning the work. But, as she persevered the quilt began taking on a life of its own, ending up not at all as expected. The depth of detail she goes into allows you to make a quilt following along step by step, or allows you to pick the individual steps you wish to focus more on. Join her creative struggles and triumphs in the quilt making process, and create your own masterpiece with this informative article.

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How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt

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Don't miss this opportunity to get expert instruction on how to make quilts and get helpful quilting tips from the experts at Quilting Daily. With each tutorial you will expand your quilt making repertoire and add dimension to your projects in ways you never imagined. Whether you have been creating quilts all your life or are new to this time-honored craft, this free eBook will show you many exciting ways to add texture and design to your quilts! Download your free eBook to learn how to make a quilt!

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Learn how to make quilts and create your own quilting challenge.

Learn how to make a quilt from start to finish with this free eBook from Quilting Daily

With these four articles you'll learn how to make a quilt that is a unique work of art, as individual as you are! Download your free eBook to learn how to make a quilt using a variety of techniques and approaches!

How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt

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