Learn About Making Memory Quilts & Personalized Quilts with 5 Memory Quilt Ideas

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Memory quilts, popularized in the mid-1800s, are a great way of passing on information about one generation to the next, allowing the memory of special occasions or loved ones to last. In this free eBook, Quilting Daily takes a new and creative approach to making memory quilts by exploring original techniques, playful ideas, and colorful concepts.

Each of these quilting experts take their own approach to quilt design and provide you ideas for your own creations. Start using fabric collage, journaling, photo transfers, canvas, or mixed media, and go beyond traditional memory quilt patterns. Whether you want to learn how to make a memory quilt, or enhance your current repertoire, you will find your own creative voice and personal style in this free eBook.

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Celebrate the old and new with these free memory quilts patterns!

Create each of these designs with these inspired memory quilt patterns.

Hold onto the things you love and never want to lose by capturing them in a quilt! This type of quilt is a wonderful way to use your fabric art skills to honor someone’s accomplishments, remember a loved one, or celebrate a special occasion. Experiment with these great ideas for your personalized quilt and create a fabric narrative of your own! This eBook is full of surprises and inspiration.

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Get started making your own memory quilt today with these fresh ideas:

Making Memory Quilts and Personalized Quilts: 5 Memory Quilt Ideas

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Learn how to create photo memory quilts with all sorts of effects, like this quilt.

Scrap Memory Quilt: Scrap Wisdom- Collage Journal Quilting by Margaret Applin

Quilt #1

Scrap Wisdom: Collage Journal Quilting by Margaret Applin

With this design you'll learn how to make a memory quilt by experimenting with paper and paint techniques, including collage and journaling. Get inspired with backgrounds of photos, paint, stamping, images, screen printing, pieces of scrap, and more. Add words that inspire you or bring back meaningful memories. Bring your designs back to fabric and incorporate them into a finished quilt.

Memory Quilt Ideas: Holographic Memories by Wen Redmond

Quilt #2

Holographic Memories by Wen Redmond

With your computer, printer, digital camera, and imagination, you can create the effect of holographic pictures and design beautiful photo memory quilts. These unusual pictures are multi-level so when you view them you see a 3-D image. This technique is also great for creating memorial quilts that are sure to be treasured!

Memory Quilts Patterns: Memory Narrative by Judy Murrah

Quilt #3

A Memory Narrative by Judy Murrah

This is a perfect photo memory quilt project for beginner quilters who are still getting used to working with fabric and batting. Since these collages require minimal measuring and precision, they’re a fun and easy way to experiment with fabrics. Use old photos, quotes, poems, jewelry, buttons, and other trinkets to create your own memory narrative. A tulle pocket can be attached on the back to hold invitations, photos, or other flat memorabilia for a truly personalized quilt.

Memory Quilt Book: Canvas Books by Alisa Burke

Quilt #4

Canvas Books by Alisa Burke

Create a book full of photos and mementos with canvas. The versatility of canvas makes it the perfect material to use for numerous projects. It can be painted, layered with collage, cut, ripped, sewn, and transformed into all kinds of wonderful projects. Not only can you sew into the canvas pages, you can treat each and every page like a work of art by adding layers of paint and even printing photos onto the canvas.

Making Memory Quilts: Stitched Layers by Patricia Gaignat

Quilt #5

Stitched Layers by Patricia Gaignat

Blend mixed media with stitch to record your memories. Experiment with some canvas, gesso, and paint to design out of the ordinary custom quilts, incorporating memories, souvenirs and feelings into a piece of art. Your work will look like a portion of a journal, allowing you to record conversations, thoughts, events and atmosphere into one piece of fabric art.

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With this free eBook we wanted to think of how we could enliven the concept of memory quilt patterns. So we assembled some of our favorite projects that incorporate personal images, writings, and mementos in artful and unusual ways to provide you with the inspiration to create your own quilts.

Personalizing is a huge part of the entire process, from design strategies to finishing and embellishment; get your eBook and see how the experts do it. Plus, you can also use these ideas to create memorial quilts to remember the life of a loved one, using a selection of clothing and personal items. Start preserving your family history, or tell your story with this free download!

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Learn how to make a memory quilt using photos and more!

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Learn how to use objects, images, or ideas that move you and capture precious moments in a beautiful photo memory quilt. Download your copy today:

Making Memory Quilts and Personalized Quilts: 5 Memory Quilt Ideas

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