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How to Make a Quilt:
6 Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Quilts

Incorporating photos of your family and friends can completely revolutionize the way you think about art quilts. In this FREE eBook from Quilting Daily you’ll learn image transfer techniques that will open up a whole new world to your quilting style.

By learning these photo quilt techniques, you’ll be able to enhance your fabric art with digital imagery to create amazing results. Let our experts at Quilting Daily show you the endless possibilities and how to make a photo memory quilt of your very own. Download this FREE eBook from Quilting Daily and learn how to make your own picture quilt with these step by step image transfer techniques.

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FREE Downloadable eBook:
6 Image Transfer Techniques for your Art Quilts

The detailed quilting instructions in this eBook will guide you through the process of image transfer techniques for all of your photo quilt ideas. The experts at Quilting Daily have put together this eBook that will show you how to prepare your photos and fabric for this exciting and rewarding process!

Picture Quilts are Very Popular
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In this eBook you’ll see how using image transfer techniques with family photos and nature images can create stunningly beautiful art quilts! Don’t wait to download your copy and get started making photo quilts today!

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Photo Quilt Technique #1

Scanning the Horizon by Marie Roper

While incorporating digital imagery into landscape-inspired design, you’ll learn how to make a photo quilt with natural designs. A word from the designer: “Herefordshire, where I live, is a beautiful county on the border of Wales and England. The land that straddles the two countries—with distant hills, soft green valleys, and craggy outcrops of rock—enchants me, most of all when the gentle light of spring sunshine filters through the sparkling air. Gold, peach, myriad soft greens set off by the grays and lilac of the far away hills, these colors lift the spirits after the winter.”



Photo Quilt Technique #2

Every Picture Tells a Story by Mary Ann Tipple

Learn how to make large-scale photo memory quilts with these image transfer techniques. A family photo quilt will surely become an heirloom and a lovely reminder of the importance of family. A word from the designer: “My mother and aunt sat down one day and went through a stack of old photos, sorting out who was who. Eventually they had a stack they threw away! But not for long; I retrieved them and added to them with finds from flea markets, garage sales, and antique malls. My ancestors, real and “adopted,” have populated my art quilts and photo transfer quilts ever since.”



Photo Quilt Technique #3

Scan, Print, Stamp and Stitch by Pamela Price Klebaum

Learn how to make a quilt by manipulating images and using color like never before. These image transfer techniques will help you learn how to make photo quilts you’re sure to love! A word from the designer: “Detritus is a word that has always intrigued me. Technically, detritus is loose fragments that have been worn away from rock. Generally, it is leftovers, debris. But who decides that something is debris? It seems that one person’s debris is another’s…art.”



Photo Quilt Technique #4

Tapping Into Image Transfers by Lesley Riley

A word from the designer: “I began transferring images to fabric before the days of color printers and home computers. I marvel at the technology we now have at our fingertips—and the many choices we have to get a photo onto fabric. A transfer occurs when you take a photo printed on one surface and move it to another. In the Summer 2005 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, I shared my favorite image transfer techniques for images printed on inkjet printers. Since then I have discovered a new way to transfer digital imagery that is not only easy, but also permanent and washable.” These beautiful photo quilt patterns will give you inspiration to start creating photo quilts of your own.



Photo Quilt Technique #5

Digital Playtime by Diane Doran

Learn to create colorful fabrics with your computer and use them in your photo quilt! A word from the designer: “As a longtime crafter . . . with no formal art training, it didn’t occur to me that different paints applied to different types of papers would provide a variety of interesting effects. When my children were in preschool, they’d come home every day with fabulous new creations, joyously and freely coated with tempera paint. When I looked at these works of art very closely, I was fascinated by the separation of color that often occurred. This led me to experiment with an assortment of paints and papers and a mix of techniques used by stampers and other paper crafters. Inspired by the results, I challenged myself to get the same results on fabric for my art quilts.”



Photo Quilt Technique #6

Options for Imagery by Ginny Eckley

A word from the designer: “There’s a myriad of choices for today’s quilter who wants to include digital imagery in their work—three that I am continually drawn to are painting, printing, and silk screening. With the variety of products available in the market today, all of these are viable options, but which to choose? My work is nature-based, and for the most part the designs are realistic. After designing a new photo transfer quilt I think through various paint, embroidery and printing processes to determine what will most effectively portray my ideas. I used to do quite a bit of piecing and layering, but as my painting skills have improved, I now paint larger areas and enhance them with machine embroidery. Silk is my favorite canvas—it takes the paints beautifully and has a luminescent quality.”


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