Free Guide to Quilt Binding and Finishing

Free Tutorials on How to Bind a Quilt + Tips on Finishing a Quilt

If you are looking for new and interesting methods for finishing your art quilts, this eBook is a must have! Traditional binding methods aren’t the only answer to beautifully finished handmade quilts. Let our experts at Quilting Daily show you their incredible ideas on finishing and binding a quilt using different materials and techniques.

Each tutorial in this free eBook will lead you through an innovative way to complete your art quilts, with beautifully creative results. Have you been looking for different ways for binding edges? From using sheer ribbon, to bias binding, plus tips on how to machine bind a quilt, you’ll uncover 10 completely original quilt binding techniques to try. Finally, we’ll look at interesting ways for hanging a quilt including framing and an invisible quilt hanging sleeve. Experience the process of binding and finishing quilts in a whole new way, download your free eBook today!

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Download your free quilt binding and finishing eBook.
Learn each of these quilt binding techniuqes + get finishing tips all with this download.

Get started binding a quilt with unusual materials and get insider tips on the best finishing techniques!

Download this free eBook to learn how to successfully bind your quilts using techniques such as raw wraps, double-fold bias, and satin stitching. Have you ever thought of binding quilts with couched yarn? Check out the included tutorial to see the beautiful results this technique has to offer. Now get ready to finish your quilt with professional flair, including creating a gallery wrapped canvas or an invisible quilt sleeve. Whether you are looking for ideas for a more sturdy binding, one that is more decorative, or even professional tips for hanging, you’ll find them all in this free collection.

Quilt Binding Tutorial: On the Edge by Sarah Ann Smith

Quilt Binding Tutorial

On the Edge by Sarah Ann Smith

In this super charged lesson Sarah demonstrates a plethora of binding techniques to help you conquer the most common challenges you will face. Love how a bias binding leaves a finished edge? Follow along with the double-fold bias binding for an incredible step by step look. Looking for an unusual or edgy solution? You’ll love learning to use sheers and even couched yarn for your binding quilt needs too. Get advice and expert guidance on standard edges and quilt binding corners, inside and outside curved edges, and more.

Alternate Binding Tutorial: Not Bound by Tradition by Sherrie Spangler

Alternate Binding Tutorial

Not Bound by Tradition by Sherrie Spangler

Leaving her roots in traditional binding techniques behind, Sherrie began experimenting with alternative methods. In this article she walks through a few of her favorite alternate ways for binding including backing fabric as a frame, using exposed batting, and raw wraps. You’ll love exploring these easy quilt binding techniques!

Alternate Finishing Tutorial: Big Finish for your Small Quilts by Terry Grant

Alternate Finishing Tutorial

Big Finish for your Small Quilts by Terry Grant

Traditional bindings on small quilts are so often heavy and overwhelming, especially for ATCs. Terry loved the look of zigzagged or satin-stitched edges but found that corners were always a problem. The stitching seemed to hang up, leading her to uncover this brilliant technique for clean corners. Learn her inventive way of getting a clean line and machine bind a quilt with ease!

Framed Finishing Tutorial: Picture it Framed by Lyric Kinard

Framed Finishing Tutorial

Picture it Framed by Lyric Kinard

The presentation of your artwork says a great deal about your feelings towards it. Just as an oil painter carefully selects the perfect frame to complement their masterpiece, so can the art quilter show off their work. Elevate your art with this quilt finishing tutorial and learn how to match your art quilt with the perfect frame. When it comes to hanging a quilt, learn how to show off in style with Lyric Kinard’s technique.

Invisible Sleeve Finishing Tutorial: Two-sided Quilts by Barbara Shapel

Invisible Sleeve Finishing Tutorial

Two-sided Quilts by Barbara Shapel

When you take the extra steps to make sure the back of your quilt as beautiful as the front, you’ll want to plan for a hanging system that showcases your workmanship and creates an elegant finish on each side. Of the many methods for finishing two-sided quilts, using an invisible quilt sleeve is one of the most elegant. In this detailed tutorial, Barbara walks you through each step when planning for, setting up, and completing this quilt hanging sleeve. The preparation and planning will absolutely be worth the end result!

What are you waiting for? Turn your handmade quilts into a work of art with these quilt binding techniques!

Binding is an essential stage in the quilt making process, and with the help of this free eBook you’ll start approaching binding quilts in a whole new way. Learn techniques for crafting a hanging sleeve, quilt binding corners with ease, plus using materials such as sheers, backing fabric, and yarn for binding quilt edges. Beginners will love our easy quilt binding methods; while more advanced quilters will love the inventive new ideas. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn about each technique. Go ahead; download your free eBook today!

Learn the bias binding method plus other unique finishing techniques.