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Sometimes it seems that fabric and thread are the only connections shared between contemporary and traditional quilting. But of course, modern quilting has its roots in many traditional methods. In fact, many contemporary quilters actually got their start as traditional or Victorian-style crazy quilters. No matter your style, now is your chance to get the inside scoop on designing your own quilt to create a modern or traditional effect; or to add a little of both into your quilting designs.

This eBook will take your quilt designs in many directions, and perhaps help you explore new ideas you otherwise wouldn't.  Discover design using prints and white shades for a toned down look, or go the opposite and turn up the color. Overcome ‘color block' by learning to expand your color palate beyond your favorites, then discover some unexpected geometric inspiration. Each fun method for designing quilts is included in this exclusive collection, and it can be yours today free!

Design your own quilt from subtle to bright with this free eBook.

Tips for creating easy quilt designs like these are only a click away . . .

Learn how to create designs like these with this free quilting designs eBook.

To help you along the journey of quilt design, we've gathered three techniques plus tricks and tips to help you design a quilt using basic principles in new ways. With this expert advice you'll be on your way to creating your own unique quilting designs.

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No matter your interests, this free eBook will show you a variety of approaches to quilting design and give you all the tools and inspiration you need to design your own quilt today!

Traditional and Modern Quilting: Free Tutorials on Quilt Design

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Discover the many ways to use color when designing quilts like this one.

Easy Quilt Designs: Turn Down the Volume: Working with Quiet Fabrics by Malka Dubrawsky

Design #1

Turn Down the Volume: Quilt Design with Quiet Fabrics by Malka Dubrawsky

The inspiration for working with these fabrics came from the clean aesthetic of Japanese craft books and a desire to explore traditional quilt designs in a way that was fresh and modern.  Malka covers four fundamentals of selecting fabrics for this sort of design. Starting with adaptability, then moving into fabric selection, visual impact, and finally modern aesthetic. Her unique approach to simple quilt designs creates true masterpieces.

Colorful Quilt Design: Spontaneous Explorations in Color by Anne Lullie

Design #2

Spontaneous Explorations in Color: Color Play by Anne Lullie

Go back to the basics of colorwork and dust off that color wheel! Anne's process begins with charting out a pattern, then fusing fabric chips to a prepared background.  This exercise in color and quilting design is an excellent project for a "hands-on" exploration of color. Be sure you allow creative freedom with your measurements and remember to have fun with this enlightening technique.

Designing a Quilt: Releasing the Creative Block by Melody Johnson

Design #3

Releasing the Creative Block by Melody Johnson

Sometimes even the most creative minds can hit an artistic drought. Going back to basics is often the best place to start, whether that be reviewing your old ideas or visiting essential techniques. Follow Melody Johnson's unique approach to releasing your creative block by doodling with variations and repetition. These explorations will lead you to unique shapes with odd angles, to transform your quilt design work into quilting templates you can work with. Plus you'll get her seven tips for overcoming creative block.

What are you waiting for? Check out these free quilting designs!

Don't miss this opportunity to get expert instruction and helpful tips on quilting design and quilting templates. With each tutorial you will expand your quilt design repertoire and add dimension to your projects in ways you never imagined. Whether you have been designing quilts all your life or are brand new, this free eBook will show you many exciting ways to add texture and design to your quilts.

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Design your own quilt exploring the use of color and interaction.

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Traditional and Modern Quilting: Free Tutorials on Quilt Design

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