Member Baby Quilts

Members share their baby quilts and baby quilt ideas, and other handmade baby gifts with our online community.

Baby Bubbles Modern Baby quilt

I designed this baby quilt for my friend's latest grand baby.  Mom to be wanted something  modern in the colours of the nursery.  I developed a recent fondness for circles so decided to applique floating bubbles on this quilt.  Machine and hand quilting with machine applique. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Jenna's Baby Quilt

I saw this pattern and made a few changes.  Since babies can only see bright colors, I thought it would be perfect for my first grandchild. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

fish quilt for a grand-nephew

This was made using scraps and leftovers for the soon to be born son of my fishing happy nephew. Other topics you may enjoy:Why RosesFalling LeavesTracy’s BeachOctober leavesYou Can’t Mend November’s Ragged Edge

Baby Goat

Baby Goat Quilt Portrait 13 x 16 inches.  Created from my original photo with Neocolor II Watersoluble Wax Crayons, machine Quilted and Cord Bound Edge Treatment.  Watch me work on this quilt on my blog:   Other topics you may enjoy:Free-Motion Quilting: Sewing Machine SetupLongarm Quilting: Troubleshooting Tips from Teresa SilvaMachine Quilting & The…

New baby scrapbook

This is for a friend after a long wait to adopt. The photo is made using TAP transfer paper, and the trees are thread painted. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Baby Monkey Quilt

This little monkey quilt was my first quilt.  I made it for a friend, but I loved it so much that I kept it for myself!  Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Jilly’s baby quilt

This was my second quilt to make. It is 45"X52". I got this pattern from 24-Hour baby Quilts. It definitely took me more than 24 hours to make and I had a great time learning and practicing. I had already learned piecing and on this quilt I got to practice it a lot. I fussy…

Oh Baby

Go There Now Stepping out of the box of traditional quilting  is all about imagination. ” Oh Baby”  is made from  96% recycled  items. I have a very large stash of lots of things.  the nest was formed from old drapery fabric, actually I pulled a mass of threads out of this fabric. I lov to…

Watermelon Baby – Calendar Winner for 2011

Inspired by  photo sent to me by my Sweetheart months ago,  it was my first thought when I saw the contest.  The sky and ground are patchwork with hidden quilt blocks in both.  The baby is appliqued with his hair thread painted. The watermelon is made of silk and padded with felt, seeds are glass beads. …