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Members share their personalized quilts, including photo journal quilts, and story quilts.

What's in Your Heart – Judy

The August/September issue of Quilting Arts was delivered three days after Judy, my sister, died from a fall down the stairs.  When I saw the title, "What's In Your Heart?," all I could think of was that it was broken, and I was going to go through the Five Stages of Grief.   I started…

Kathy's Memory Quilt

This memory quilt was created for my cousin Kathy to celebrate her mother. My aunt was Japanese and created Japanese dolls. Kathy loved to watch her create the kimonos for the dolls so I used the kimono as the quilt shape. I used silk ribbon embroidery, vintage hand dyed kimono fabric and photo transfers throughout. Other…

block from my memory quilt 'Provencal Memories'

Hand felted wool and velvet decorate the landcape scene from my wool quilt.Couching done with hand spun wool, then hand embroidered and embellished. This block is from my Memory quilt from a Sue Spargo class I took at Madeline Island school of the arts. WI. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Farandole Dancers

This block shows the Farandole dancers, typical of Provence,The background is wool,  hand felted and embroidered.This is from a Memory quilt of my trip to Provence. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Vincent's sunflowers

Another close up from my memory quilt. This block shows hand felted wool cut into sunflower shapes. The vase is wool applique. This quilt is wool, velvet, silk and taffeta.I hand drew the patterns on all the blocks before cutting and designing the embellshed look. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts


A Close up of a bunch of Lavander on my memory quilt. Hand embroidered and beaded. Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Van Gogh's boats

A block from my Provencal Memory quilt showing Van Gogh's boats hand appliqued with Wool and taffeta.Hand embroidered . Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Memories of Provence 60"x68"

After visiting Provence  I decided to make this Memory quilt while attending a Sue Spargo class at the M.I.S.A school of the arts on Madeline Island WI. The quilt is mostly wool, lovely to work with and I added some of Sue's hand dyed velvets and silks. I also used some of my hand felted…