Member Photo Quilts

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a quilt with pictures? Check out the photo quilts and portrait quilts by our members, made with image transfers and digital imagery.

Marmalade Sky – Original Art Quilt

"Marmalade Sky" – Great Blue Heron at sunset – constructed with a combination of fused applique, traditional piecing and free motion stitching. Commercial cottons and recycled fabrics. Inspired by a photograph by Janis Morrison, Fresh Air Photography, by permission.  Georgia Andrews, Fêteshui Studio. Other topics you may enjoy:"Boston"It's A New Day!Making Friends CloseupMaking FriendsBoston

Orchid Quilt IV

2015 Art Quilt. Created from photographs of orchids I grew, then used photoshop to manipulate the imagery. I transferred photographic compilation to cloth then added applique, air brushing fabric paint, thread painting and finally quilted the entire piece. Measurements are  27.5" W x 33.5" H Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Orchid Quilt III, 2014

I grow orchids then photograph these orchids. This small 12" x 12" quilt is an original design using my orchid photographs, digitally transferring the images onto cloth then airbrushing with fabric paint, applique and machine quilting.  Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Orchid Quilt I

I like to cultivate orchids and then photograph them. This is a small quilt using free motion quilting. I digitally printed the photograph to fabric. Measurements are 20.75" x 15.25". Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

Red October – temporary photo

fiber art landscape 24 by 28 3/4 inches featuring hand dyed linen, hand quilting, wool & silk textured yarns and fabrics. The clouds are hand painted quilt batting with wool/linen blend stitching. Second in the series AFTER THE WARMING. Complete with beaded fire and smoke. Other topics you may enjoy:Pumpkins in ParadiseMirrored SkyRebelWhat Is Never…

Detail from Quilted Horn Rhapsody, Panel 3

Here is another panel from Quilted Horn Rhapsody. It is a piece of commercial fabric that has been tie-dyed. Then the fabric is photo silkscreened, air-brushed, appliqued, fused, machine stitched, quilted. Meryl Ruth, Fiber Artist, 2013 Other topics you may enjoy:No Related Posts

stray K series Kaleidoscope Quilts

maybe someone can tell me the art term by brain is searching for today ,but I noticed a curator once putting my quilts in the proper order… staging them for show ,whatever its called it makes them look so much better that there has to be a technical word for it ,Well here is the…

Safari Knights, a detail of this quilt.

Safari Knights is a quilt made of cotton fabric that has been photo silkscreened with drawings that I produced and I also airbrushed imagery and added applique as well. Then I machined quilted the entire piece. This is a detail of the quilt. The previous slide shows the quilt in its entirety.  Other topics you…