10 Reasons (and Ways) to Celebrate With Us

Ten years ago Quilting Arts was a little magazine that I lovingly sent out on its first flight into the big world. As it happens, this week also marks the one-year anniversary of launching Quilting Daily, as well as, drum roll…my birthday!

It's been an amazing ride so far, and we have even more adventures planned for the year ahead, and beyond. 

We have a lot to celebrate, and we hope you'll do it with us. So, without further ado, here are my Top 5 Reasons and Top 5 Ways Celebrate a Decade of Quilting Arts.

  1. More than 100 contemporary quilting and fiber artists and their art spotlighted in features and profiles.
  2. Hundreds more examples of artwork from talented readers through our challenges and calendar contests.
  3. Ninety-one episodes of "QATV" shot so far, where some of the most gifted art quilt and mixed-media artists share their knowledge and demonstrate their best tips, tricks, and techniques.
  4. Thirty-three Quilting Arts WorkshopsTM and seven spin-off magazines where you can explore every avenue of your stitch, fiber, and mixed-media passions, including Gifts, Cloth Paper Scissors, Quilt Scene, our eMag In Stitches, and Studios.
  5. Thousands upon thousands of enthusiastic, talented, beautiful fiber-loving souls that we've met and been inspired by through our magazines, website, and special events.

Now, how can you join the celebration?

  1. Participate in the special 10th birthday giveaways and challenges we have planned. You still have a day or so to send in a 10th birthday postcard and very soon we'll announce a special opportunity to finish one of your UFOs in grand style and even appear on Quilting Arts TV! Stay tuned to quiltingdaily.com for details.
  2. Keep sending your favorite techniques, features, covers, and memories of Quilting Arts to our party animal, Louie.
  3. Attend the International Quilt Festival/Houston, where we'll have some special 10th birthday surprises.
  4. Upload a video or photo of your artwork based on something you saw in Quilting Arts.
  5. Keep up the inspiring, creative work that you do, pushing the envelope of what constitutes quilting arts! To help you–and thank you–for all the inspiration you've given us, here is a sneak peek of a Waterfall Scarf Project by Diane Gloystein, from "Quilting Arts TV" season 7.
Waterfall Scarf


  • Schmetz embroidery needles, Size 12/80
  • Sulky 40 wt. Rayon thread
  • Sulky Ultra Solvy  water soluble stabilizer
  • Chiffon, silk or cotton in desired colors (must have color on both sides of fabric-hand-painted silk would be beautiful)
  • Pearle cotton (cording)


  1. Determine the length and width of the scarf.  Draw lines 2" apart both horizontally and vertically on Ultra Solvy using a permanent black marking pen.
  2. Cut 1-1/2" wide bias strips out of silk dupioni, chiffon or cotton.  Cut the strips into 1-1/2 squares.  By cutting on the bias, you will have a controlled fray.
  3. Using a serging tweezer, dip the 1-1/2" squares into water.  Dab the moistened square on a towel to remove excess moisture.  Position the moistened square on your marked piece of Ultra Solvy, aligning the squares with the lines drawn on the stabilizer.
  4. With black rayon thread in the top and bobbin, couch over fine black cording with a satin stitch.  A sewing machine foot with a hole to thread the black cord through will make your job easier to guide the cording.
  5. Satin stitch horizontal rows, couching over the cording. Stitch length:  .3; stitch width:  2.0.
  6. Satin stitch vertical rows, couching over the cording.
  7. Put your completed waterfall scarf into a lingerie bag and wash in the washing machine to remove the Ultra Solvy stabilizer. Line dry. Press lightly as needed.

Congratulations! Your scarf is completed. Now, put on your party hat and celebrate 10 years with Quilting Arts! To get the party started, we're taking 50% off several of my favorite Quilting Arts products, just for you. Look for specially marked sale items in the Quilting Daily store.

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