101 Patchwork Projects + Quilts


  • A reference section including essential sewing supplies and techniques.
  • Patchwork projects for every room of the home, from the kitchen to the nursery.
  • Quilts of all sizes, including bed, lap, and wall quilts.
  • Unique patchwork projects such as a yoga mat carrier, a water bottle holder, iPad and Kindle covers, and even a trash container for the car.
  • A special pull-out pattern section with the patterns for the projects.
  • Clear, step-by-step instructions for each project.
  • Full-color, styled photographs of the featured projects.
  • Projects for pets, including dog beds and a reversible doggie jacket

Cover art by: Lucie Summers, Lindsay Mason, Vivika Hansen DeNegre, and Barbara Delaney

Reversible Dog Jacket by Pokey Bolton

Check out the how-to videos for techniques presented in this issue:–How to insert an invisible zipper with Melissa Lunden

–Learn the Pojagi patchwork technique with Vivika Hansen DeNegre (Adapted from an original tutorial by Victoria Gertenbach found on www.thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com)

–Try out improvisational piecing with Candy Glendening


Find the instructions for Meg McElwee’s Lightweight Fusible Interfacing method
(from her book Sew Liberated)

Check out this behind the scenes video! http://tinyurl.com/101patchvid

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Scrappy Composition
Notebook Cover

Jamie Gonce

Strippy Book Cover
Ana Buzzalino

Sweet & Simple Key Fobs
Corinnea Martindale

Personalized Gift Tags
and Name Tags

Tara Rebman

Soft-sided Portfolio
Missy Shepler

Fabric Envelope Pockets
Missy Shepler

Fused Greeting Cards
and Gift Tags

Frieda Anderson

Editor’s Note

Sewing Basics Reference


Classifieds and
Ad Index

Dog Bed of Roses
Susan Brubaker Knapp

Place Mat for your Pet
Helen Gregory

Reversible Dog Jacket
Pokey Bolton

Pet Futon
Vivika Hansen DeNegre







Patchwork Booties
Lindsay Mason

Urban Friendship Bracelets
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Patchwork Fabric Cuffs
Lucie Summers

iPad Cover
Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum

Nano Cover
Jessica Beaudet

Kindle Cover
Lindsey Murray

Pocket Scarf
J. Ana F. Flores

Car Trash Bag
Debbie Grifka

Essential Sunglasses Case
Debbie Grifka

Patchwork Water Bottle Carrier
Diane Rusin Doran

Coffee Cuff with a Zipper
Jamie Fingal

Linen Coin Purse with Hexagons
Jen Eskridge

Yoga Mat Carrier
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Business Card Case
Susan Brubaker Knapp

Pojagi Headband
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Soothing Eye Pillow
Ellen Seeburger

So Simple Head Wrap
Ellen Seeburger

Laptop Computer Messenger Bag
Helen Gregory

Patchwork Purse
Judy Murrah

Quilt Sling
Marijka Walker

Fabric Bottle Bud Vase
Lucie Summers

Patchwork Vase
Penny Layman

Tree of Life Wall Hanging
Emma Thomas-McGinnis

Modern Mountains Quilt
Krista Fleckenstein

Patchwork Coat Rack
Helen Gregory

Heirloom Duvet Cover
Meg McElwee
an excerpt from Sew Liberated

Serenity Sham
Donna Babylon

Nine-Patch Kitchen Curtain
Malka Dubrawsky
an excerpt from Fresh Quilting

Weeds and Wildflowers Patchwork Sofa Pillows
Margaret Applin

Sketchy Stripes Pillow
Candy Glendening

Mod Pillow Pair
Melissa Lunden

Pieced Shower Curtain
Donna Babylon

Room Divider
Heidi Johnson

Laundry Hamper
Heidi Johnson

Quilted Seat Cushion
Angela Pingel

Strings Attached Potholders 
and Trivet
Malka Dubrawsky

Patchwork Potholder
Kaelin Telschow

Stalactites & Stalagmites Table Runner and Place Mats
Rossie Hutchinson

Kitchen Towel
Rashida Coleman-Hale
an excerpt from I Love Patchwork

Chicken Potholders
Vicki Christensen

Contemporary Table Runner
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Patchwork Table Ensemble
Missy Shepler

Patchwork Place Mats
Margaret Applin

Charming Dish Towels
Vicki Christensen

Sewing machine cover and accessory bag
by Barbara Delaney

Patchwork Pincushion
Lucie Summers

Patchwork Needle Case
Lucie Summers

Mini Memo Board with Pockets
Candy Glendening

Patchwork Desk Set
Latifah Saafir

Bright Hopes Pencil Case
Kaelin Telschow

Patchwork Design Wall
Pokey Bolton

Studio Window Curtains and Valences
Susan Rienzo

Hanging Wall Organizer with Pockets
Angela Pingel

Patchwork sewing machine cover and accessory bag
Barbara Delaney

Key and Scissor Bauble
Vivika Hansen DeNegre

Rubik’s Crush quilt by Ashley Newcomb


Birdhouse Rock Quilt
Tina Givens

Flea Market Quilt
Christy Foltz-Ahlrichs

Centered Mini Quilt
Sheree Schattenmann

Stacked Coins Quilt
Aimee Raymond

Work Shirt Quilt
Rebecca Roach

“Rubik’s Crush”
Ashley Newcomb

Scrappy Patchwork Quilt
Lindsey Murray

Baby’s Favorite Color Book
Angela Pingel

Stacked Coins Doll Quilt
Vicki Christensen

Little Patchwork Pillow
Sherri McConnell

Whale Pillow
Melissa Lunden

Tooth Pillow
Jessica Beaudet

Baby Bunting Play Mat
Sarah Fielke

Betsy Brown

Patchwork Baby Ensemble
Sheree Schattenmann

Patchwork Burp Cloth and Onesie®
Christina Jacobs Clark

Patchwork Washcloths
Ashley Newcomb

“Rolling on Through”
Krista Fleckenstein

Patchwork Turtle & Snakes
Helen Gregory

Patchwork Checkerboard
Lindsey Murray





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