5 Quick Fabric Crafts Using Fabric Scraps

There are so many gifts to make all year round. Gifts for graduations, birthdays, wedding showers, baby showers, the holidays, and so on. It seems I always need an idea for a quick gift for a teacher, hostess, or guest of honor.

That’s when my bin of fabric scraps and list of fabric art projects come to the rescue. A little fabric fusing here, some hand stitching there, and you have a nice handmade gift.

Here are some of my favorite fiber art projects-some are even no-sew.

Give good fortune: I first saw Pokey Bolton make Fabric Fortune Cookies on “Quilting Arts TV.” You probably have all the supplies you need already: fabric scraps, fabric stiffener, shears and fusible, plus your fortunes or good wishes.

fiber art fortune cookies bolton
No-sew fortune cookies from fabric scraps, by Pokey Bolton, from a design by Andrea Shedletsky.

Wish them the best: Scrappy Wishing Owls come together quickly with felt fabric scraps, buttons, and beads. Add a little pocket with hand stitching and tuck in a wish for happiness and/or success. They’re appropriate for any age.

fabric collage wishing owls denegre
My fabric collage wishing owls, based on a design by Lynn Krawczyk.

Favor them with fancy goods: Fill a jar with your friend’s favorite cookies, candy, or savory mix, made special with a fabric-covered lid. Perfect for last-minute gifts.

Fuse a fiber collage: Sandwich bits of fibers, fabrics, trims, and beads between two pieces of MistyfuseTM, iron with a protective sheets, and mount your fiber and fabric collage on painted watercolor paper or a small stretched canvas.

Button up: Fabric buttons are easy to make and they use up scraps fast. You can make one large decorative button to wear like a brooch or a set to add a handmade touch to a cardigan. All you need is a button-making kit (available at craft and sewing stores and online) and your scraps.

fabric covered buttons from fabric scraps
Fabric buttons are easy to make, they use up scraps, and they can add a unique touch to a sweater, jacket, or bag.

Here’s how to make a fabric-covered button:

how to make a fabric button step 2a
Push the dome and fabric into the mold.



1. Cut out the button-tracing template (on the back of the button kit box) or make your own. Place the template on fabric. Trace around the outside edge of the template.




how to make a fabric button step 2b
Lay the flat button back on top of the button dome.


2. Cut out the fabric circle, and place it, right side down, on top of the mold of the button assembler. Place a button dome over the top, keeping the fabric centered within the mold.




how to make a fabric button step 3
Use the cap tool to push the back into place.


3. With your fingers, push the dome and fabric into the mold. Smooth the edges of the fabric down against the metal dome. The fabric won’t lie completely flat, but fold over as much of it as possible.


4. Lay the flat button back on top of the fabric and button dome already in the mold, shank up. Use the blue cap tool to push the back into place. It will make a popping sound when it is set. Turn the mold on its side and gently push the assembled button out of the mold.

The fabric covered button on this Petal Pom Pom Pillow from Modern Patchwork Spring 2014 adds just the right touch.

You’re done!

I use these kits to make button embellishments for tufted pillows–another one of my favorite scrap-busting projects.

You can find many fabric art and home dec projects that use scraps or small pieces of fabric in the Spring 2014 issue of Modern Patchwork magazine.

P.S. How do you use up fabric scraps? Leave your comment below.

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