5 Ways to Create Your Own Handmade Quilts

To anyone who loves fabric and thread, making a handmade quilt is often the ultimate creative experience. The contemplative act of hand quilting–needle moving rhythmically over and under fabric–is a pleasure even for those who primarily rely on machine quilting enjoy.

But you don't have to know how to quilt by hand to create a handmade, quilted piece. Many contemporary art quilters add hand quilting and embroidery to their fabric art. The hand stitching lends a personal touch to a handcrafted quilt.

5 handmade art quilt techniquesIn our free eBook, Create Your Own Handmade Quilts: 5 Hand Quilting Techniques from Quilting Daily, we give you five different takes on making handmade quilts.

In Art Quilting Made Easy, Lesley Riley shows how you can make a simple yet beautiful homemade quilt with a few simple tools. Lesley also describes how to hand quilt your piece in different ways to add dimension and interest.

If you enjoy a lot of hand stitching, you'll love Ellen Scott's technique for using stitching, scraps, and small embellishments to make a colorful narrative homemade quilt. In Painting with Thread, Stitching a Story, Ellen shows how this kind of quilt's handmade appearance gives it a homespun, heartfelt quality.

handmade collage quiltSylvia Naylor's homemade quilts are literally that: quilts depicting homes through fabric collage. The unique design method she describes in Home Free begins with paper collage is easy to follow, especially if you think you "can't draw."

Another easy way to begin making handcrafted quilts is by starting small and using materials you have on hand, like Natalya Aikens does in Go Green: Eco-friendly Journal Quilting Techniques. Using her guidelines for making small, weekly handmade quilts with recycled materials will give you the freedom to have fun and experiment.

If you'd rather skip a lot of the functional sewing and focus on hand quilting the details, or simply don't have that much time to sew, Laura Wasilowski offers a step-by-step guide to fusing quilts in Fusing 101. Her lesson includes a project for you to use your newfound fusing skills to make your own handcrafted quilt.

So you can see, no matter what your interest, downloading Create Your Own Handmade Quilts: 5 Hand Quilting Techniques from Quilting Daily will give you the tools and inspiration you need to create your own handmade quilts.

P.S. Do you have friends who like to make handmade quilts? Forward this link to them so they can download their own free copy of Create Your Own Handmade Quilts: 5 Hand Quilting Techniques from Quilting Daily.

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