A Guide to Unique or Hard-to-Find Quilting Supplies & More

I love to give and get handmade gifts. But when you’re a fiber artist—or know one—it’s just as much fun to give and receive quilting and surface design-related supplies and tutorials.

With that, our team has offered to be your personal shopper, selecting unique items from the Interweave store and others to help you find the perfect gift for the fiber artists in your life. We’ve included links to past blog posts featuring many of these items so you can learn more about how to use them.

Surface design:

Marbling is a relatively easy way to give fabric a rich beautiful and unique design. All you need are the right tools. The inexpensive Suminagashi Marbling Kit will get you started.

If you love the deep blue fabric prints created with cyanotype but shy away from mixing chemicals, our specially curated Easy Cyanotype Printmaking Kit contains pre-treated fabric and simple instructions.

art quilt with inktense blocks buzzalino
Ana Buzzalino used water-soluble Inktense
blocks to paint this art quilt.

Painting on fabric can be flying without a net–what if you mess up? Inktense blocks and pencils give you more control. You can draw with them, then add a little water or textile medium to spread and blend the color.

One of the easiest ways to apply color and pattern to fabric is with a stencil. Frequent Quilting Arts contributor and surface design artist Lynn Krawczyk has a new line of stencils, “Marked,” that you can use alone or combined to create your own fabric designs.

Fibers and fabric:

Ever since we spotted skeins of Leilani silk sari off-cuts, we’ve been thinking up creative ways to them. The fibers can be used as an embellishment, made into jewelry, or even to wrap a package.

Leilani silk puts the Love in this pillow by Carrie Bloomston.

What’s a quilter without fabric? We’re big fans of the Cotton+Steel line, and we bet your favorite quilter would like some of their fabric and at least one of the 11 exclusive C+S projects available at KeepsakeQuilting.com.

If you like dimensional fiber art, you’ll want to know about FOSSHAPE, a non-woven, felt-like material that can be formed into different shapes and textures. FOSSHAPE, MistyFuse, and instructions on how to create art with them are included in our curated kit, the Ultimate 3-D Fiber Art Collection.

Modern Quilting:

What makes it modern? Improv piecing and simple but graphic quilting lines are just two of the hallmarks.

A new book, Improvising Tradition by Alexandra Ledgerwood, is a great way to learn how to piece fabric without rules.

Lucie Summers book, Quilt Improv, is another inspiring book that teaches how to make modern block quilts with improv techniques.

modern quilt by lucie summers
Lucie Summers shows how to put basic modern blocks together to create stunning quilts in Quilt Improv.

Circles, straight lines, and gentle serpentines balance improvisational blocks perfectly. Catherine Redford shows how to use a walking foot to create modern stitch lines in her Quilting Arts Workshop video, Modern Machine Stitching.

Digital Design:

With computer software, you can create designs for printing on fabric. But the process intimidates some people. Mixed-media fiber artist Margaret Applin is not just a pro at using Photoshop Elements, she makes digital design easy to understand. Her Quilting Arts Workshop Digital Design for Screen Printing and web seminar download Enhance Your Quilting with Digital Surface Design Techniques: Creating Brushes in Photoshop Elements will walk viewers through the steps to create patterns and printing for fabric design.

digital fabric collage margaret applin
Collage with digital design by Margaret Applin.

You can send your designs out to be printed on fabric, too, but do you know how? Surface design expert Jane Dunnewold takes you step-by-step through the process of designing fabric and uploading to to Spoonflower.com for printing in her Quilting Arts Workshop video Design and Print Your Own Fabric.

We hope you have found something in our personal shopping list to please you and the fiber artists on your gift list. We have plenty more curated kits, expert videos, books, and supplies in the Quilting Daily Shop.

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