A Sneak Peek at the Next ‘QATV’ Series

I'm packing my suitcase again, getting ready to fly to Cleveland to tape the sixth season of "Quilting Arts TV."

As hectic as the shooting pace is, I always look forward to taping, because I get to learn new tricks and techniques in person from the guest artist. This season we'll visit with some old friends and meet some new ones. We have some surprises in store for "QATV" viewers that I can't reveal now, but I can give you a sneak peek of what's on the schedule.

Here's who–and what–I'm putting in my suitcase for the next 13 episodes:

Surface design guru Jane Dunnewold, who will be demonstrating some exciting screen-printing and soy wax techniques.

Susie Monday, who will show how water-soluble crayons can create eye-popping art quilts

Liz Kettle and Karen Fricke, who will be sharing techniques for free-form embroidery and thread sketching.

Diane Nuñez, who will be creating three-dimensional floral appliqués for quilts and wearables.

Terry Grant, who will show us easy finishing techniques for small art quilts, plus making her fabric birds.

Carol Ingram, who will provide a fun demonstration on how to make a paw print fabric doggie treat bag.

The new "Save My UFO" segment, where more than 10 quilts from viewers will get some design assistance. Check out the UFO quilts submitted in the Quilting Arts Community Gallery.

Totes galore! Kathy Mack will be demonstrating her Winslow tote from Quilt Scene and I will be making a reversible patchwork tote.

Liz Berg, who will show how to find inspiration from a photo to create an abstract art quilt.

Wow, my suitcase is stuffed, and that's not even the whole schedule of guest artists and techniques! I'll be showing you behind-the-scenes photos when I get back, so be watching for them. I'll have more to share then.

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