A Solid Gold Weekend & Free Quilted Jacket Pattern For Your Pooch

This past Saturday afternoon I realized I was critically low
on black and white screen-printing paint, so I hightailed it to one of my
favorite places on the planet:


Dick Blick.

Ooh la la…this place makes my heart beat nearly as fast as
sifting through my button loot from Houston.


Since it’s getting close to the holidays and I need to be
thinking about supplies for gift-making (and not necessarily treats for myself)
I came home with just a handful of delights:

 Dick blick loot


• Graph paper (for planning my Sopranos quilt)

• A striped notebook (Because every quilting editor needs a
pretty little notebook and the cover reminded me of Fruit Stripe gum…see what I mean?)



• A bottle of iridescent deep gold acrylic paint by Tri-Art.
I am rather partial to all of the Lumiere paints (especially Burnt Orange,
Crimson, and Grape), but this sleek, shiny bottle that boasted the
highest quality of pigments was too tempting to pass up. (I’m going to use it
some night this week and I’ll report back on my findings.)

Since my recent post was about the Rock On! Art Quilt
, I’ll mention that my weekend was topped off with a trip to the
Middle East in Cambridge where we listened to the hip hop/soul/reggae tunes of
Black River Sound. They were absolutely jammin’… but they didn’t come on until
12:30, and between you and me, I am no spring chicken! (I’m ecstatic they’re
playing again in two weeks because next time I will be sure to take a nap
first.) Have a listen to “Lula Panema” or “Deliver Us”—a couple of good tunes
to kick off your Monday.

To further start the workweek off on a good note, below is a free dog coat pattern, which was published recently in our Quilting
Arts GIFTS issue
. My dog Louie was a surprisingly patient model. (It helps when
you tell him that if he’s a good dog, he’ll soon get a “cookie”––a word I must
have mentioned about 50,000 times during the photo shoot.) You can download the
pattern by clicking on Louie’s picture.


Are you making gifts for others this holiday season? If so,
please share what you’re doing in the comments area!

Happy Monday,


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