A Wise Way to Use Your Quilting Fabric Scraps

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fabric scrap owls
Fabric art Wishing Owls perched
in a vintage cage.

Quilt fabric scraps: watch out! I have a new fast and easy way to turn you into an adorable fabric art project.

These Wishing Owl plushies designed by Lynn Krawcyzk are my new obsession. They are so easy to make and make use of my quilting fabric scraps and delicious fat quarters that I can’t ever seem to resist.

In fact, that’s how Lynn’s Wishing Owls were inspired.

“The idea to make a plushie came about because I kept collecting fat quarters of commercial prints that I couldn’t live without. Since most of the fabrics were on the whimsical side and that’s not something I use in my art work, I decided it was time to make my own plushie. I love owls, and that’s pretty much how they came to be!” says Lynn.

What about the “wishing” part?

fabric art owl
Felt and quilt fabric scraps make
this adorable plushie.

“I think as kids we get all the cool stuff, one of which is the gift of getting to believe in things like the Tooth Fairy and Santa and all things magical,” says Lynn. “I liked the idea of adding some of that magic back into my life and thought it would be neat to play off the idea of making a wish. I use my little owls almost like wishing wells; I add little secrets to their pockets that I wouldn’t tell anyone else and keep my fingers crossed that they come true.”

fabric art owls
Fabric artist Vivika DeNegre made some
of Lynn’s owls to donate to charity.

Lynn first showed me these owls when she demonstrated how to make them on “Quilting Arts TV.” We loved them so much, we decided to offer the tutorial in the 2011/2012 issue of International Quilt Festival/Quilt Scene. We styled the owls on this vintage birdcage I found at a second hand furniture store and I loved it so much, I decided to keep it. (Ditto for some vintage china we used for styling, but that’s another story.)

Now that I have the birdcage I need to create fabric art fowl to fill it! I love the fact that I can coordinate the quilt fabrics to change the color the color scheme to suit a holiday or my home décor.

As you read this I’m at IQF Houston, right in the middle of the quilt scene. I can’t wait to use all the ideas (and fabric) I’m picking up here to make my Wishing Owls and other fabric art and quilts when I get home. Stop by our booth #1145 if you’re at Festival. Enter to win the Festival Passport Sweepstakes with over $4,000 in prizes.

But you don’t have to you can learn how to make these wise old birds and get the scoop on the quilt scene now by downloading the digital PDF edition of Quilt Scene now. It’s also available on Zinio.

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  1. When I saw Lynn Krawczyk's Wishing Owl plushies in International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene magazine last fall, I knew I had to make some of my own. Encouraged by her suggestion to jazz them up in your own way, I gave mine patchwork bodies made from