Behind the Scenes: What You Dont See on QATV

You may recall from a previous Quilting Daily blog post that the first day I taped an episode of "Quilting Arts TV" I was having a very bad hair day. This stemmed from the fact that I had forgotten my shampoo and had to wash my hair with a bar of hotel soap. This left the show hairstylist little choice but to apply a ton of product to make my hair behave somewhat reasonably.

It wasn't pretty. But I survived–despite my hair and despite my nerves. Fortunately, I am blessed with a sense of humor which usually sees me through these things. And, because  I know a lot of the guests on "QATV" are nervous about being in front of the camera, the crew and I often use tricks like humor and silliness to put everyone at ease. The more relaxed we all are during the taping, the better the show is for you! 

So, today, I've put together a little montage of behind-the-scenes images from the taping of "QATV" Season 6 for your enjoyment. We take bringing you the best, most current information on contemporary art quilting and mixed-media very seriously-but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Talk about shaking your sillies out. Kathy Mack and I are doing the Elaine Dance from "Seinfeld" in order to loosen up and get ready to shoot her latest technique on canvas. As you can see, I will go to any lengths to make our guests feel at ease. And the best part is, our guests go right along with it!

You never know who is going to show up backstage or in the green room as a surprise guest. Is this Max Headroom from the '80s? Whoever, or whatever, it is, I think some wearable art is in order to clothe that girlish figure, don't you?
We're big on taking backstage shots of people getting ready. I figure, once you've had your picture taken while in the hair and make-up chair, being on TV is a piece of cake! Our Managing Editor Helen Gregory is usually the one taking the pictures, but this time she appeared in a couple of segments, including one of our new features, "Save my UFO!"
Although the segments are carefully planned out beforehand, sometimes adjustments need to be made on set right before we tape. I often welcome those last-minute preps, because they give me and the guest a minute to get comfortable on the set in an informal way. There is always plenty of joking around as the crew fiddles with the mikes on my every-changing wardrobe.
Even I get into the last-minute touches act, sometimes. Surface designer extraordinaire Jane Dunnewold is so beautiful she hardly needs make-up. But what girl doesn't need a lipstick touch-up now and again? By keeping it friendly and personal on the set, we all stay loose and relaxed.

I hope you've enjoyed my little backstage/on set tour of "Quilting Arts TV." And now, when you watch those episodes you'll have an idea of what went on behind the scenes to make the show fun to do and enjoyable to view! If you've missed an episode, be sure to take advantage of our special sale on all six seasons of "QATV" on DVD!

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