Christmas Quilting Projects for the Whole Family

Now that Halloween is over, we can welcome the season of giving filled with handmade gifts, festive home décor, and Christmas quilting projects.

Tree Charms made by me and one of my colleagues.

The end of year holidays are my favorite! It’s not just the wonderful time spent with family and friends, but it’s the spirit of generosity and cheer in the air that makes this my season of choice.

In an effort to kick off this time of togetherness and to spread a little merriment, a few of my colleagues and I decided to make a small project we could sew in a day.

There are so many great Christmas quilting projects; it was difficult to choose just one. In the end, we decided to make Tree Charms from the Fons & Porter’s Holidays 2016 special issue magazine because it’s an easy project quilters of every skill level will enjoy. These charming ornaments by Lynette Anderson are a great way to use leftover scraps of Christmas fabric and to practice hand stitching.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started (these directions make 5 large ornaments and 7 small ornaments):


  • Various fabric pieces with holiday designs (2 fat quarters or square scraps at least 4 ½”- 5” large)
  • Coordinating pieces of felt (2 fat quarters total)
  • Coordinating Perle cotton or embroidery floss
  • Circle template
  • Twine
  • All-purpose glue


From the felt cut:

  • 10 Large circles (approximately 4”)
  • 14 Small circles (approximately 3 ½”)

From the holiday print fabric cut:

  • 5 large circle designs, adding ¼” seam allowance.
  • 7 small circle designs, adding ¼” seam allowance.

From the twine cut:

  • 12 (19″) pieces.

Ornament Assembly:

1. Center 1 large print circle design atop of a large felt circle.

Tree Charm by Lynette Anderson and Yvonne Dann.

2. Using needle-turn appliqué to attach 1 large circle print design in place, using matching thread.

3. Embellish ornament by embroidering around the circle of printed fabric using contrasting perle cotton or embroidery thread and French knots and/or running stitches.

4. Using 1 piece of twine, make a small bow. Glue free ends of twine to wrong side of embellished felt circle, making sure ends are centered above top of the printed circle design.

Note: The ends of twine should be about 1¼” inside circle.

5. Place embellished felt circle atop felt circle backing, wrong sides together. Blanket stitch around the edges of the circles using contrasting or matching thread.

These Tree Charms will make festive ornaments, pretty place cards, and sweet additions to gift wrapping. They are easy to adapt to any style or décor, they’re a great way to use up what’s left of favorite printed holiday fabric, and they are a project the whole family can work on together. Download your copy of Fons & Porter’s Holidays 2016 special issue magazine for the complete instructions of this project along with 17 more Christmas quilting projects.

Happy Quilting!

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