Coming Soon to Your TV: Making Quilts in 3-D

When I think of 3-D movies, I think of the old sci-fi horror flicks my parents used to tell me about where people would wear those funny 3-D glasses. Back then, apparently, they didn’t really work that well and it seemed the glasses were more entertaining than the 3-D effects.

SkeletonToday 3-D is back big-time in the movie theaters, and audiences have been wowed by the special effects of films like “Avatar.”

Well, at “Quilting Arts TV,” we are nothing if not cutting edge. (Wink.) On Season 5, which is premiering now on PBS stations across the U.S. and available now on DVD, we have two terrific examples of 3-D quilts. But in our case, you don’t have to wear funny glasses. Just watch and enjoy!

Quilt sculptor Susan Else, who was profiled in Quilting Arts Magazine several issues back, creates some amazing special effects of her own, using quilted fabric, armature, and her imagination. This piece, entitled "Nothing to Fear," gave people quite a start in the green room back stage at our taping last fall. “Nothing to Fear” is part of the current Quilt National exhibit, and we were fortunate enough to have Kathleen Dawson of the Dairy Barn Arts Center come and bring along some pieces to share.

Kathy York's Quilt National quilt, “Little Fishes in the Big City,” is one of several 3-D quilts she’s created, painstakingly creating the structures out of fabric and wire. Kathy’s quilts always bring oohs, aahs, and plenty of smiles from the staff when they arrive in our offices for photographing.

Little FishesSeason 5 isn’t just about 3-D quilts, of course. We had a wide variety of accomplished artists share their knowledge. Quilt National artist Liz DeBellis has a segment on collograph printing. And Sue Cavanaugh, another Quilt National artist, joined me to demonstrate several shibori techniques. Jeanne Delpit of Bernina participated in two segments, and she was on hand all week to help artists unfamiliar with Bernina machines to sew on them. What a treat that was for them!

And what a treat it will be for you to see and learn about all these amazing quilt artists and their techniques. So, grab your popcorn and Ju-Ju-Bes™ and tune in to Season 5 of “QATV.”

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One thought on “Coming Soon to Your TV: Making Quilts in 3-D

  1. Hi, Pokey!

    Tip for the guest quilters on your QATV programs:

    Speak toward the viewer rather than toward Pokey. Hearing impaired folks (like me) need to see the teacher’s face/lips for better understanding of the words being spoken. This will make these videos of more value to us.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    Charity B Gourley
    Santa Barbara, CA