Does Your Kitchen Have a Patchwork Quilt?

It is an occupational hazardI see patchwork quilts everywhere.

chevron patchwork pillow
My kitchen-inspired chevron
patchwork pillow.

I look down at hardwood floors, and see a strip quilt pattern underfoot. Walking past the stone walls in my neighborhood, I can hear feel free-form appliqué quilts calling my name.

When I drive on the gridded streets of a city, you guessed it; I imagine how their patterns could be translated to a piece of modern patchwork. There is no getting past it, quilts are part of my life and they influence how I see and relate to the world around me.

Last week, as my kitchen tile was getting a much needed face-lift, I saw a quilt in the making. This time, it was made of ceramic subway tiles.

Our friend who installed the tile is a master craftsman and a true artist. It was interesting to see how he and his assistant used many of the skills experienced quilters use to plan their work. They measured, estimated materials, and arranged the design on the floor first before patiently piecing together their final “quilt.” And after careful consideration, they suggested adding a central design motif to break up the monotony of the backsplash.

The herringbone design insert behind my stove got me thinkingwhy not design a modern patchwork project inspired by this traditional design? This past spring it was the chevronnot the herringbonethat was ubiquitous in the halls of the Kansas City Convention Center at Quilt Market. So I got busy cutting 2½” x 6 ½” rectangles and the rest was history.

cutting and piecing the patchwork pattern
Piecing and cutting the patchwork design.

To make this fast (and I mean fast) and easy chevron design, I made a traditional “Prairie Braid” pattern using two fabrics and simply alternated the fabrics as I pieced the rectangles together. I trimmed the long strip to measure 6½” wide, then cut the strip into thirds. Then I pinned the pieces to match the seams and sewed the three strips together. Easy indeed!

I can see a trio of chevron pillows on my bed or even a chevron accent on a seat cushion for my updated kitchen. If you’re not comfortable making your own, choose from our many patchwork patterns in the Quilting Daily Shop.

P.S. How about you? Do you like to repeat the patterns you see around you in your home décor? Leave a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Does Your Kitchen Have a Patchwork Quilt?

  1. I have to chuckle. I have been known to copy patterns from hotel room bathroom wallpapers, photograph carpets, and yes, I look at brick walls and rock walls with a “hmm, what if?” eye. Squares, rectangles, triangles and circles have gone together in similar patterns but different media from the beginning of time. Happy searching.

  2. Years ago when we put in a new tile kitchen floor, I made sure to keep one of the tiles in my sewing room – it has a “quilt” design on the tile. Haven’t gotten a quilt make yet, but the idea is still there and someday will be sewn.

  3. I’m going through old posts, and noticed the title again. Actually, my kitchen does have quilt. I have three small wall hangings draped over the kitchen chairs that need to be put away or hung up. Not what you were after, but “my kitchen does have a patchwork quilt”.