Enter ‘Flower’ Reader Challenge now!

There’s still time to enter Quilting Arts Magazine’s “The Language of Flowers” Reader Challenge but act fast!–entries are due Nov. 13.

Flowers mimic our own human lives … a seed is planted, it grows and blossoms, it becomes magnificent, and it, alas, withers and dies. Flowers also seem to have moods, preferences, and, certainly, language. What do they say to you?

Of course, there are also meanings ascribed to flowers—a language, if you will—of every sentiment. Different types or colors of roses, for example, are said to evoke love, respect, thankfulness, innocence, grace, and much more.

How do flowers speak to you and what sentiment do they express? Our challenge is for you to create an art quilt based on “The Language of Flowers” in whatever way that translates to you. Learn more by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing your entry!!

(Featured quilt by Kathleen Baumann)

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