Enter the ‘Barnyard or Fair’ Reader Challenge

"Oh…To Soar Like a Bird…" by Susan Parham
“Oh…To Soar Like a Bird…” by Susan Parham

What are your memories of time spent on the farm or summers at the fair?

When my children were small, we’d visit friends in a rural area and loved going to the county fair. They even participated in some of the competitions and were delighted when their creations won a ribbon or honorable mention. They also saw baby pigs, cows being milked, and young farmer exhibits, and I loved experiencing it all through their eyes.

How about you? Maybe you remember strong men and bearded ladies or hot air balloon rides, horse and carriage races, or miles of corn or other crops. Not to mention the baby animals!

Tell us your story about the fairs and barnyard experiences in your world by creating an art quilt for our current Reader Challenge. Learn more here.

The deadline for emailed submissions is Monday, May 9, so giddy up! We look forward to seeing your work.


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