Especially for You: Six Issues of Quilting Arts on CD

I have an uncanny (some on my staff would say freaky) ability to remember exactly what artist's article appeared in which issue of Quilting Arts, going back to the very first issue nearly 10 years ago. And up until recently, I've been able to put my hand on the printed page more quickly than anyone else can look it up on their computer. 

But now, with the debut of our first Quilting Arts Magazine Collection on CD, anyone with a computer can access all six back issues from 2008 and find exactly the article they need in no time. 

Think of it: You can skip from poring over Hollis Chatelain's intensely thread-painted quilts in the December/January issue to learning how to apply the principles of digital design to your quilting in the June/July and August/September issues with just a few clicks.

You could zoom in on Margaret Applin's experiments with fabric, paper, paint, and collage journaling techniques in "Scrap Wisdom, Collage Journal Quilting" in the October/ November issue and then click over to a technique for combining needle felting with mixed-media techniques. Learn to carve your own stamps in the April/May issue and then zip over to the August/September issue and discover from Rayna Gillman how deconstructed screenprinting is a no-worry way to work with dyes.  

The issues you see on the Quilting Arts Magazine Collection 2008 CD are exactly as they were printed in 2008, from cover to cover. They're electronic versions with easy-to-navigate tabs that let you find what you're looking for quickly and jump around within the magazine or between issues. You can scroll down to see the issue from beginning to end if you prefer, and even zoom in on the page to get a closer look at the stitching, surface design, and text.

The Quilting Arts Magazine Collection 2008 CD takes up less space than six printed issues, and it's an economical way to purchase back issues.

The only downside I can see is that I won't be the only one who can find past articles with lightning speed. But I can handle it.

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