Experiencing a Photo Shoot

Last week I was at a photo shoot with Quilting Arts Editor Vivika DeNegre and Art Director Larissa Davis at the studio of photographer Larry Stein. What a fabulous experience!

photographing quilting arts gifts
Larry, right, sits at the computer while Dan and Larissa style a shot in the background.

The shoot was all about our upcoming Quilting Arts Gifts® magazine issue, which is our annual holiday publication full of ideas for homemade gifts and fabulous projects. Each project was styled to show it off. The ornaments were hung on a tree, a scarf was draped on a mannequin, dreidels and chocolate gelt were positioned near a quilted dreidel bag, and journals were opened and arranged to show off their exteriors as well as their interiors.

Larry and Larissa, along with Larry's assistants Dan and Granite, were an efficient team. With her overall design plan in mind, Larissa set up each vignette with care. Larry framed and precisely lit each shot. Dan and Granite moved furniture and changed floors and walls to get the right look. Vivika advised and we both bustled in the background for more props and the featured projects, and assisted in every way we could. Dan and Granite did everything else!

the quilting arts gifts set
Dan and Granite fix the background wall
for the photo shoot at the studio of photographer Larry Stein.

Larry's camera was directly connected to a computer that Dan worked at. We all gathered around the monitor to view the shot after it was snapped. Larry or Larissa might make a tweak to this prop or that light and another shot would be taken. It was amazing how the subtle changes they made would make a huge difference to the final shot.

It was a tremendous experience and I marvel at the merging of technology and artistry. It was also a long two days, and I came to appreciate how much time it takes to get the shot just right. This is going to be an awesome issue of Quilting Arts Gifts® magazine and I hope you look for it on the newsstand in early September!



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