Fabric Art Buttons You Can Make in a Snap

If you love scraps and buttons, I have a fabric art project for you. Plus, if you enjoy a little paint with your fiber art, so much the better: this how-to will give you a chance to showcase your artwork everywhere you go.

fabric art buttons by lynn krawczyk
Handmade fabric art buttons designed by
Lynn Krawczyk are easy to make.

Fiber artist Lynn Krawczyk demonstrated how to paint fabric scraps and turn them into pin-on buttons in the 2013/14 issue of Quilting Arts Gifts magazine. Making fabric-covered buttons is easy, especially if you have a button-making kit.

Here are the steps for assembling the buttons:

1. Place the button-tracing template on the painted side of the fabric to audition the fabric design that will be featured on the button. Trace around the outside edge of the template.

2. Cut out the fabric circle, and place it, painted side down, on top of the clear mold of the button assembler. Place a button dome over the top, keeping the fabric centered within the clear mold.

3. With your fingers, push the dome and fabric into the clear mold. Smooth the edges of the fabric down against the metal dome. The fabric won’t lie completely flat, but fold over as much of it as possible. (Figure 4)

steps for making fabric art buttons
Steps 4-7 for making fabric-covered buttons,
as well as the button kit pieces (above).

4. Lay the flat button back on top of the fabric and button dome already in the clear mold. Use the blue cap tool to push the back into place. It will make a popping sound when it is set. Turn the clear mold on its side, and gently push the assembled button out of the mold. (Figure 5)

5. Add paint details and let dry.

6. Flip the button over, and use jewelry glue to attach a pin back to the flat button back. (Figure 7)

These buttons would not only make artful accessories to wear, but you could also use them as pillow embellishments, give them as gifts, or pass them out as favors for your quilt guild holiday party.

We like these buttons so much, we’ve designed a kit for you that includes the button maker and button forms, fabric paint, and the current issue of Quilting Arts Gifts with the full how-to from Lynn.

The Make it Quick: Fabric Painting Button Kit is available for a limited time in the Quilting Daily Shop, so order yours today!

P.S. How would you paint or embellish a fabric button? Or would you make them with vintage fabric? Leave your ideas below.

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4 thoughts on “Fabric Art Buttons You Can Make in a Snap

  1. I’ve done ribbon embroidery on denim and muslin and made them into button pins. They are just beautiful and the dimensionality of the ribbon stitches is lovely. They’ve become very special gifts for friends and family.

  2. I centered a large fabric flower on a 2-1/2 inch button form after I encrusted the center with bugle and seed beeds. The button will go on a purse made from coordinating fabrics.