Fabric Collage Technique: String Prayer Flags Together with Crochet

One of the best parts of making prayer flags–for me–is that it gives me the opportunity to use some of the old linens, too-pretty-to-throw-out fabric scraps, and yarns and fibers that are in my stash.

crocheted flag fabric collage
After sewing a line of blanket stitch across the flags Faye crochets into the stitches and between the flags.
(Flags and image by Faye Cook.)

On The Prayer Flag Project blog, current coordinator Lisa Chin has been posting tutorials and one in particular caught my eye: Faye Cook’s how-to on crocheting your flags together.

Faye often makes her flag out of vintage linens that already have some embroidery or crochet trim on them.

She uses three techniques, depending on the fabrics used and the effect she wants:

1. Begin with a length of chain stitch before simply crocheting along the hanging edge with half crochet stitch. If it’s a single flag, then do more chain stitch before turning and crocheting back along it. If it’s too difficult to pass the hook through the fabric you can make a hole with an awl first.

2. Stitch a row of blanket stitch across the hanging edge and then crochet a line of chain stitch before crocheting into the blanket stitches and again doing a chain stitch, before turning and crocheting back across it.

3. Use an old piece of pre-existing crochet and stitch it to the flags by hand (a zigzag machine stitch would work just as well.) You could use a strip of lace edging as well.

joining fabric collage flags
Faye punched holes in the fabric with an awl, then crocheted directly into the fabric to start her connecting chain.

Faye writes: “I like to use crochet because it fast and easy, and you don’t need to be a crochet master to do it. As long as you can make a chain and do one type of crochet stitch, anyone can do it.The whole point of making prayer flags is to send love and positive thoughts out there to the universe and you can’t do that when you are stressing about your work . . .well I can’t.”

I agree with Faye and would add that there are as many ways to make a prayer flag as there are makers.

Last year, Lisa Chin taught a wonderful web seminar on how to create and decorate prayer flags using transparent paint, stencils, and sun shibori. We created a kit that includes a download of that web seminar, the art materials, and an eBook on prayer flags for more inspiration: The Prayer Flag Collection. You just add fabric and positive thoughts!

The Collection has sold out both times we’ve offered it; it’s available again now in limited quantities.  So be sure to order your Prayer Flag Collection today so you don’t miss out.

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