Finish Fused Art Quilts the Easy Way

How many quilts have you slaved over, only to leave them in a guilty pile because you haven't gotten around to finishing them? I don't even want to think about mine.

finishing fused quilt art
fuse a label and hanging loop on your quilt art

A quilt that is going to be used and washed needs a proper binding to keep it together. But with quilt art that hangs on a wall (such as mini-quilts) or is meant for other artistic purposes (such as artist trading cards, inchies, etc.), your options are wide open.

Fused quilt art, like that of Frieda Anderson and Laura Wasilowski, lends itself to easy finishing especially well.

On their Quilting Arts WorkshopTM video Improvisational Fused Quilt Art: Create Beautiful Art Quilts the Easy Way, these experienced, award-winning quilt artists show several options for finishing their quilts.

Here is a very simple technique that Frieda demonstrates.

1. Create a frame by fusing fabric to both sides of a piece of Timtex® interfacing. Timtex is a good choice because it is firm without being bulky and you can stitch and cut through it easily, says Frieda.

2. Fuse a label to the center back of the sandwich and stitch it in place. Add a loop of ribbon for hanging.

3. Stitch your fused quilt top to the Timtex sandwich. Note: Before fusing, you can finish the edges of the mini quilt by trimming the edges with a rotary cutter and decorative blade, satin-stitching the edges, or using the pillowcase technique.

4. Trim the edges of the frame with a decorative blade. Or, add more free-motion stitching to the frame to complement the stitching on the art quilt. Then trim the edges. Frieda always steam sets the finished quilt. This activates the fusible and glues any cut threads in place so they won't ravel.

That's it! Frieda and Laura show you several other ways to finish your fused quilt art on their video. You get double the advice and techniques because they comment on each other's work, adding tips and hints.

If you have any questions about fused art quilting, from fusing basics to finishing, Laura and Frieda are sure to answer them in Fused Quilt Art: Create Beautiful Art Quilts the Easy Way.


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