Free Digital Art Techniques eBook for Collage and Quilt

Digital technology and the ubiquitous camera phone have made us all photographers. As fiber artists, the logical next step is to explore digital fabric printing.

In our eBook Digital Quilting Designs: Free Digital Art Techniques for Collage and Quilt, three fiber artists show you how to use photo-editing software, a printer, and surface design to create digital photo art.

digital quilt design by margaret applin
With photo-editing software, Margaret Applin creates
digital fiber art that looks like it was hand-printed.

Margaret Applin is full of Photoshop® project ideas. One of her most popular techniques is creating digital collages using journal pages, paintings, textured fabric scraps–anything with an interesting design. She walks you step-by-step through the process in "From Flat to Fabulous with Digital Monoprints."

digital quilt design by margaret applin
Margaret Applin transforms digital imagery into a quilt. Photos,
journal pages, etc., are scanned into the computer and manipulated.

  Another digital collage idea from Margaret, "Using Digital Imagery in Quilting Collages," focuses on manipulating your own imagery in Photoshop Elements to create stamps, Thermofax screens, masks, and brushes. Then she shows you how to combine the resulting digital quilt designs into stitched fiber art.

digital quilt design by natalya aikens
Digital photo art by Natalya Aikens.

In "From Snapshot to Art Quilt," Natalya Aikens shows how to use digital art techniques to manipulate photos and print them onto fabric. By layering them with vintage textiles and adding machine and hand stitching, you can add a personal, handmade touch to your digital photo art.

digital quilt design by wen redmond
Wen Redmond creates a digital photo collage on textured stabilizer.

Wen Redmond shows you how to lend the texture of an oil painting to digital printing on fabric in "Textured Fiber Photographs." Her process involves spreading a thin layer of molding paste onto stabilizer before running it through the printer.

With these artists and their digital art techniques to guide you, there is no limit to the art you can create.

Download Digital Quilting Designs: Free Digital Art Techniques for Collage and Quilt now and get started with digital photo art.

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