Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters eBook

Quilting and hand sewing were made for each other. Even if you machine stitch your quilts, a little handwork here and there can make them pop and give your fiber art a handmade look. There are so many hand embroidery stitches to choose from, and so many ways you can use even the simplest hand sewing techniques to enhance your art.

In our eBook Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters: Learn Hand Embroidery, Stitches, and Trapunto, you'll get four hand stitching tutorials with a variety of hand embroidery techniques.

hand embroidery techniques by kathy loomis
Hand stitching became a daily practice
for Kathy Loomis.

In 2012, Kathy Loomis took on an art-every-day hand embroidery project. The experience changed her outlook on drawing as the stitched pictures looked like charming folk art. In her Spotlight article, she shares her approach to hand sewing and also demonstrates how to make a French knot and how to make the feather embroidery stitch.

trapunto quilting with found objects diane savona
A twist on trapunto: Diane Savona embellishes under the
surface with trapunto quilting and found objects.

Traditionally, trapunto quilting involves raising areas of fabric with batting and then stitching around the batting with a running stitch to create a design. In Under the Surface Embellishments, Diane Savona offers a new take on trapunto, using flat objects in place of the batting to create a detailed, embellished effect.

Award-winning quilter Laura Wasilowski often adds hand stitching to her colorful and whimsical quilts. In Power to the Hand Stitcher, Laura shows how to use a simple embroidery stitch like the French knot or the running stitch to create backgrounds, add interest, and bring quilting projects to life.

how to make a french knot hand sewing techniques
You'll learn how to make a French knot, the feather stitch,
how to use running stitches in unusual ways, and more.

Finally, we include an article on the Versatile Running Stitch written by the late artist and writer Julia Caprara. How to do a running stitch is simple, but Julia shows you how you can use it in different ways to alter the surface, texture, and even the color of fabric for sophisticated effects.

Whether you want to fill your fabric with hand stitches or just add some hand work here and there, we know you will want to download Free Hand Sewing Techniques for Quilters: Learn Hand Embroidery, Stitches, and Trapunto and use these techniques for years to come.

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