Freshly Picked Baby Outfits: Free-Motion Quilting

A note from Vivika: Here again is Candy Glendening with the second of four guest posts here on Quilting Daily, teaching you how to combine dyeing and stitch. Candy has been a guest on 'Quilting Arts TV,' has her own QA Workshop video, and has appeared in several Interweave publications. She really knows her stuff!

baby outfit with free motion stitching
Free-motion stitching gives
this baby tee personality.

In my previous post I took you through dyeing clothes and fabric to create a cute little baby outfit that would be the perfect baby shower gift.

This post will show you how to sketch free-motion machine quilting designs like a bird motif on a bright piece of fabric and embellish the shirt to create the cutest little outfit!

If you'd like to make your own Freshly Picked outfit, you'll need:

  • Snap-crotch tee and socks dyed one color
  • Pants and fat quarter of fabric dyed a contrasting color
  • Small piece of mid-weight, woven, fusible interfacing
  • Small piece of light-weight, non-woven, fusible interfacing
  • Heavy variegated quilting thread that contrasts against your fabric (I use YLI Fusions 24/3 ply)
  • Solid thread that matches your fabric
  • Sewing machine with free-motion capabilities

1. Fuse the mid-weight, woven, fusible interfacing to the a portion of the hand dyed fabric to stabilize. Set up your machine for free-motion stitching and stitch the bird motif. (Click on the image below to see a video showing you exactly how I do this.)

machine quilting the bird motif
Watch Candy free-motion sketch the
bird motif in this video.

2. Cut a wonky shape around the stitched bird and place it face down on the light-weight, non-woven, fusible interfacing, with the fusible side touching the front side of the bird. (fig. 2a) Trim the interfacing, stitch all the way around the perimeter, then clip the corners. (fig. 2b) Cut a slit through the interfacing (fig. 2c) and turn the patch right side out (fig. 2d)

preparing the motif for free-motion stitching
Constructing the patch with machine quilting.

3. Fuse the patch to the front of the tee shirt. Topstitch around the perimeter of the patch, being careful to only stitch through the front of the shirt. Begin stitching at the bottom of the patch with the snaps of the crotch open; as you turn each corner, adjust the bulk of the shirt so it is out of the way of the needle

machine stitching the motif
Machine quilting the bird motif.

Once you've stitched the patch on the shirt, you are done.

These are so easy to do, a whole flock of these outfits may be flying out of your sewing room in no time!


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