Gelatin Monoprinting with a Round DIY Texture Plate

The reusable Gelli ArtsTM gelatin plate revolutionized gelatin monoprinting when it came onto the market just a few years ago. Instead of having to make your own gelatin plate from scratch, waiting for it to gel (which it occasionally didn't), and then having to toss it out after it started to break down, suddenly you could monoprint on fabric at a moment's notice and clean-up was a snap.

With this invention, gelatin printmaking exploded with surface design artists playing gleefully with monoprinting techniques.

Gelli Arts started with two plate sizes, and has since come out with a giant plate, two small sizes (perfect for printing cards and small pieces of fabric), and an 8" circular plate.

supplies for texture monoprinting on fabric
Eight-inch round Gelli plate with Peltex texture plate.

I love the circular plate. That rounded edge adds an extra dimension to monoprint designs and repeated patterns. You can also use it to simply create painted circles on your fabric-a popular design.

On the Gelli Arts blog, I found another idea for adding dimension to your gelatin printing: adding texture with a homemade texture plate.

All you need is fusible Peltex (or a similar product), scissors or a rotary cutter and mat, parchment paper, and an iron.

gelatin monoprint with a round texture plate

Monoprint made with a texture plate and round Gelli plate.
Photo from


Here's how to make the texture plate:

1. Cut a piece of Peltex to the desired size to use as the substrate for your texture plate.
2. Place the cut substrate on a piece of parchment paper (on top of ironing surface)
3. Cut pieces of Peltex into desired shapes.
4. Arrange the pieces on the substrate with the fusible side down. (Layer some cut pieces on top of others to create dimension on the plate)
5. Cover with parchment paper and press with a hot iron to fuse the layers together. (Follow manufacturer's instructions for fusing)
6. Remove the parchment paper and trim along the edge of the texture plate.

Printing with these plates is like using a stamp.

1. Apply paint to the Gelli plate and roll into a smooth layer with a brayer.
2. Press the texture plate firmly into the wet paint and remove.
3. Place the printing paper or fabric on the painted Gelli plate.
4. Rub to transfer the paint.
5. Pull your print.

gelatin monoprinting lynn krawzyck
Lynn Krawczyk uses the round Gelli plate as a stamp
to print circles on fabric, and more.

It really couldn't be easier!

Well, actually, it could be easier. You can get our Gelli Print Along Kit with everything you need for printing on fabric in the round: the Gelli Arts plate, a brayer, fabric paint, and an instructional video and book from fabric printer extraordinaire Lynn Krawczyk.


P.S. How do you add texture to your fabric printing? Leave your tips below.

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