Giveaway Fabric Supply is Dwindling

In the June/July issue of Quilting Arts Magazine we offered to share our stash of hand-dyed fabric strips with you, our readers, as part of our reader challenge: creating a "Staycation" postcard. We have been delighted by the postcards we have received so far and hope to get many, many more. (You have until October 1,

The supply of 2" fabric strips is getting small!

2012 to get your postcard to us so there's still time!) We are always impressed and amazed by the creativity of our readers!

One reader and two of her children each made a postcard of their own design. Many expressed looking forward to spending time with family or taking a trip. Still others are the happy results of staycation time creating art in the studio, with many incorporating techniques inspired by the pages of Quilting Arts. We are always delighted to hear of how our articles have inspired your work.

But back to the fabric giveaway.

Sadly, the pile of strips is dwindling fast, as you can see by the photo. If you've been meaning to send in your stamped, self-addressed envelope but haven't gotten around to it, the time is now! Here's a link to the challenge and information about getting a hand-dyed strip of your own:

I hope you have a happy staycation and keep creating!



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