Grab Some Friends and Get Away

What's better than a weekend away with the girls?  Adding handmade quilt art, of course! 

Back Harbor in Rockport, Mass.

I was lucky to get away with six friends recently, and we rented a house for the weekend in Rockport, Massachusetts, a beautiful seaside town north of Boston.  One friend organized the whole thing and she and one other quilter did all the cooking.  The rest of us just brought ourselves, our projects, and our beverages of choice. 

Here I am sewing blocks at the getaway.

In between sewing, quilting, talking, laughing, and eating, we also got out several times to walk near the shore and enjoy the many shops in the Dock Square area in the perfect springtime temperatures.

One of the best things about a getaway like this is leaving your own environment–and the laundry and chores and grocery shopping–and focusing on your hobby with people you love.  Spending huge blocks of time sewing can be such a luxury, even decadent, so this kind of gift to yourself is precious and rejuvenating. 

It is also a great time to reconnect with people.  I don't see these women often but I am so fond of each one.  We all have our separate, busy lives but slowing down and getting away is good therapy, too.

My friend Barbara was hand quilting this beautiful hand appliquéd quilt at the getaway.

I chose to work on an older project that I'd put away some time ago.  I don't remember why I stopped working on it–I still like it a lot–so it was a pleasure to find it in my pile of unfinished things and get back to work on it.  The blocks have a four-patch background with hand appliqué flowers. I am appliquéing in the English paper piecing style, where each piece is basted onto freezer paper.  Then the appliqué motif is assembled as one piece that is appliquéd onto the background.   I only have a few more blocks to go-I decided I wanted to make the quilt big enough for a queen-size bed so the completed blocks I had already weren't enough.  Then I have to find the perfect red for my sashing–I think that will be my greatest challenge but it is a task for another day.

As I drove home from the weekend, I couldn't stop smiling.  I was happy to be heading home to my family but also pleased that I'd treated myself to that getaway.  And I'm that much closer to a new quilt on the bed!

Share your getaway stories–what do you do with your gal pals and quilting friends?




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