Hand-dye Some Fabric With Your Friends

Several friends and I got together this past weekend to enjoy a beautiful, warm spring day and eating, drinking, laughing—and dyeing fabric by hand! 

post for fabric dyeing
Our dyeing party started with these colors.

Ranging in age from 13 to 70-something, our band of seven womenmost of whom had never tried textile dyeing beforedyed silk and rayon scarves and other textiles using several techniques including shibori, low-water immersion, and ice parfait dyeing.

I began the day by showing my friends several articles from Quilting Arts Magazinelike April Sproule's "Amazing Arashi Shibori" from the April/May issueand Ann Johnston's fabulous book on low-water immersion dyeing, "Color by Accident," to get them in the spirit of things. We had no accidents and the results of our "work" were nothing short of amazing! It was truly something for any skill level.

shibori dyeing
Marianne removes the string after shibori dyeing her scarf. In the background, Isabella inspects her scarf.

The idea to host this dyeing party was planted when Quilting Arts Magazine Editor Vivika DeNegre and I led one for our office staff two months agowe were  eager to test a method called ice parfait dyeing that Carol Ludington was writing about for our June/July issue of the magazine. Many of you have watched our progress and commented on Facebook. Check out Carol's excellent article and the unbelievably beautiful fabric she hand-dyed with this technique. By the way, our next reader challenge will involve some of the fabric we hand-dyed that daycheck it out.

Vivika encouraged me to plan and host my own fabric dyeing party and write about itsee the August/September issue for my complete article. 

The whole experience was a blast! There was a lot of planning and organization, I must admitplus, I made them lunch and snacksbut it was all worth it!  And now I have many of the supplies needed to safely dye more fabric. In fact, my daughter, who could not be there, is eager to try some dyeing so we'll gather a new group of friends to join us in the next few days. 

low water immersion dyeing

This scarf was dyed with
the low-water immersion


What kind of fun and creative projects will you do with your friends this spring and summer?


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