Have a Creative Summer with your Kids (and giveaway winner is announced!)

With summer fast approaching, many parents with kids are scrambling to figure out how to keep their kids entertained for the summer—without letting them indulge in hour upon hour of screen time.

Enter this wonderful book by Heather Swain, a mother and former teacher. The book, Play These Games (ISBN: 978-0-399-53744-8), is full of games that can be played by kids using items that are just lying around the house.

There are games that require kids to spend time creating props, games that can be played nearly instantly, 15 variations of tag, and much more. Split up into sections based on what item will be needed to play the game (felt, cardboard boxes, digital cameras, and bean bags are just a few) kids or parents can easily figure out which games are possible based on what they have to work with on any particular day.

This book will be sure to get those creative juices flowing in your kid’s brain!

If you are looking to get your child into crafting in particular (we need to encourage the next generation of crafters!), Studios magazine’s summer issue focuses on how to get kids into the studio, and how to keep them coming back for more. Maybe you'll even teach them how to quilt!

We have product recommendations, articles from mothers who have a background in children’s education, and examples of how parents and guardians have created space in their studios for kids.

For those of you who are trying to get inspiration of your own in the studio, there are plenty of adult-only spaces in here for you to feast your eyes on as well.


With these two sources in hand, your kids are sure to have a fun and creative summer that will be so much more rewarding than sitting in front of the TV.



And the fabric giveaway winner is…. marciaflorida! Please email me your address at lmurray@interweave.com so I can send the fabric out to you!

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2 thoughts on “Have a Creative Summer with your Kids (and giveaway winner is announced!)

  1. For the most part I’m now trying to keep my teenagers OUT of my studio. haha Not really, I just need to teach her to clean up after herself after she has created her masterpiece. I’m still trying to teach myself the same skill set. 😉