How Bazaar! A sneak peak at an arts and crafts show

There’s nothing like a local arts and crafts show to get the creative juices flowing. For the most part, this weekend was one of those practical, errands-filled weekends for me, with trips to the grocery store, the bank, the dry cleaner—not very exciting. Fortunately, I was able to take off a few hours on Saturday afternoon to enjoy Boston’s summer Bazaar Bizarre, which just so happened to be a quick 10-minute bike ride from my neighborhood. I had the best time simply browsing through the all the local vendors’ booths, ogling everything from stitched bags to stamps, apparel, and catnip-filled fabric moustaches (by Maisonwares Handmade Housewares). Of course, I walked away inspired and rejuvenated after an otherwise ordinary day. I thought I’d share a few of the lovely goods that I came across in the hopes that they might inspire you all as well.

 First of all, check out these adorable appliqué pillows by Slapp Happie.


And the cute little plush toys by Zooguu Handmade.


These fabric clutches by Vonica Designs also caught my eye, especially the little bird ones.


As did these stuffed penguins (apparently, I never recovered from my childhood infatuation with stuffed animals).

I loved the quirky design on the pillow and bag by Egg-a-go-go.


And the very creative recycling of measuring tape by Fusion Ethos Fashions.


It took all my willpower to not purchase every skein of this handspun yarn by KnittinK, whose work is inspired by comic books.


And on the non-fiber, non-fabric side of things, I practiced no will power when sampling the different flavors of chocolate from the local manufacturer Taza (salted almond and Mexican chili were the best).


What a colorful and uplifting way to end a Saturday afternoon. Naturally, I spent most of my Sunday in the studio stitching—perusing a good crafts fair always inspires me that way. Did anyone else have a fun weekend venture? Or do you have a favorite arts and crafts show that you recommend?





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