How to Make a Difference Through Quilting

As many of you know, I have a large family. With four children, it can be difficult to get time with each one of them individually to touch base, so having dinner together has become one of our important traditions. When we gather around the table and eat our evening meal, we all share about our day, talk about our plans, and strengthen the ties that make us a family.

waiting by vivika hansen denegre
My piece, “Waiting,” will be part of the
“A Year in Art” fundraiser organized
by Virginia Spiegel.

On Monday, our dinner conversation revolved around the inauguration and Martin Luther King Day, and how one man was able to make a difference in so many people’s lives. With the spotlight on social action, we talked about others who had done so much because they were passionate about a cause. Rosa Parks made a difference by sitting. Mother Theresa made her mark by serving.

And then I told them about the artist who raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars to fight cancer. She made a difference by quilting.

It is my pleasure to join artist Virginia Spiegel in her cause to raise money in support of the American Cancer Society. Virginia was motivated to make a difference and raise money for research when her father was diagnosed with cancer.

Her story has been an inspiration to me, and I marvel at her ability to “rally the troops” year after year and come up with new and innovative fundraisers. From selling fiber art postcards at the International Quilt Festival/Houston to creating online auctions, Virginia is a woman on a mission. Let’s help her reach her goal.

This year’s fundraiser is called “A Year In Art”. Virginia has organized 11 artists to donate original works of art. The pieces will be available for sale on February 12, 2013, for a minimum donation of $1,000. All of the remaining artwork will then be auctioned on February 13. A preview of the artwork is available online, and I can’t wait to place a bid.

My piece is made in honor of my parents, and is called “Waiting.” What are you waiting for?

It is time to make a difference.

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One thought on “How to Make a Difference Through Quilting

  1. “Waiting” is a wonderful piece…….I can feel the thoughtfulness you put into it. And what a wonderful cause. My congrats…… back has a feeling all is’ own doesn’t it. I love it.