How to Make a Quilt from Screen-Printed Blocks

A Note from Vivika: Today I'm pleased to introduce guest blogger Lynn Krawczyk. Lynn works magic with paint and textiles, is a regular contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine, has made two WorkshopTM videos with Interweave, and is a frequent guest on Quilting Arts TV, including the latest season 12. I love the Typewriter block prints Lynn created in her Color Theory Made Easy Workshop, and today she offers instructions on how to take the blocks and make a quilt with them.

When I created the Typewriter blocks for my video, I was thrilled with them. Being a writer and a junkie for graphic style designs, it ticked off many of the boxes on my "I love this!" list.

make a quilt from printed blocks
Turn your screen-printed blocks into quilting projects,
like this one by Lynn Krawczyk and Patrice Smith.

I immediately set about attaching these little fellows to 8" pre-stretched canvases (I show how to do this on the video). But I couldn't help thinking about how great these little blocks would look all gathered together in a more traditional setting–like a machine-pieced wall hanging.

I enlisted help from my friend Patrice Smith and asked her to make a quilt like this for me, as I am not a skilled machine sewer. So this project is about how to create a wall hanging of your very own after you have screen-printed the blocks.

Because quilt making wasn't on my mind when I printed the blocks, I didn't leave a seam allowance; Patrice had to improvise that as you'll see in the directions. If you know going in that you want to make a quilt, leaving a seam allowance on the blocks will make it easier.

Typewriter Love Wall Hanging


  • 9 Typewriter blocks
  • 1½ yards Kona cotton in Natural
  • Batting
  • Sewing machine and thread


    1. Square up your blocks and trim with a rotary cutter to make them all a consistent size.

    2. Sew a sash in the Natural color Kona cotton between two Typewriter blocks (the length of the sash will be determined by the size that you squared the block to in Step 1). The sash between the blocks on the wall hanging show measures 2" wide finished. Add seam allowances as needed.

    Tip: I used the Natural color of Kaufman Kona cotton instead of stark while. It gave a gentler appearance to the wall hanging while still showing off the colorful Typewriter blocks.

    Tip: If you're using light-colored sashing as shown here, press the seams toward the block.

    3. Repeat Step 2 so that you create a vertical column of three Typewriter blocks with the middle block connected to the other two by sashing. Create two more columns using the remaining six Typewriter blocks.

    make a quilt from printed blocks Lynn Krawczyk
    The finished quilted wall hanging by Lynn Krawczyk
    and Patrice Smith.

    4. Connect the three block columns with a single long sash between each one, creating a single top. The sash between the two blocks on the wall hanging shown measures 2" wide finished; add seam allowance as needed. Again, length will be determined by the size of the squares after you squared them up in Step 1. Patrice's tip for making sure that the edges of the Typewriter blocks line up with each other when you attach the columns together: Lay a ruler on the back of the pressed quilt top. Mark where the seams need to line up with either a marking pencil or pin. Now you can line up the new column with the previous column.

    5. Add a border around all four sides of the top using the Natural Kona. The border on the wall hanging shown measures 2 ½" wide finished; add seam allowance as needed.

    Tip: Consider changing up the border color to add some personality. Remember, we're celebrating color.

    6. Make a quilt sandwich with the top, backing fabric, and batting. Quilt by stitching in the ditch around the blocks.

    7. Add binding. The binding on the wall hanging shown is ½" wide.

    8. Attach a hanging sleeve to the back, hang in your home and enjoy!

    Learn how to make the printed blocks and how to explore color in Lynn's Workshop video Color Theory Made Easy, and don't miss her appearance on "QATV" Series 1200, now available.

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