How to Make a Quilt in Three Lessons

pokey boltonIf I had to create a basic lesson plan for how to make a quilt it would be broken down into these three basic steps:

Step 1: Design.

Step 2: Stitch.

Step 3: Finish.

Of course a lot more goes on within those essential steps. But if you're new to art quilting or want to know more about these topics from the pros, I have an easy way for you to learn some tips and tricks. Quilting Daily has three free eBooks that you can download right now.

How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt contains information from quilt artists Peggy Holt, Yvonne Porcella, Elin Waterston, Jane Davila, and Patricia Gaignat.

You'll learn how to make a quilt using a variety of materials, from unusual selections such as silk flowers and chiffon, to matching fabric and scraps from your stash.

You will even get quilting lessons on using paint and gesso in your quilt making. Plus at the same time, you'll receive basic quilting lessons for making a quilt binding, machine quilting, and fabric fusing.

In Free Motion Stitching: How to Make a Quilt, 67 Machine Stitching Tips and Motifs, renowned experts Frieda Anderson and Robbi Joy Eklow offer their best advice, including quilting tips for beginners (Quilting 101), machine quilting, stippling quilting, as well as patterns for success.

We've also included motifs that invite a closer look, using variegated threads for machine quilting, tips for filling in borders, and how to combine free motion quilting patterns.

Whether you're new to machine quilting or you're eager to make custom quilts, you'll find loads of useful advice in this free downloadable eBook.

Finally, put it all together with How to Bind a Quilt: 12 New Quilt Binding and Finishing Methods for Your Art Quilts. In this free downloadable eBook, experts Sarah Ann Smith, Sherrie Spangler, Terry Grant, and Lyric Kinard offer quilting instructions that will lead you through the process of binding a quilt with beautifully creative results.

From framing your handmade quilts to quilting instructions for bias bindings and satin stitching, to raw wraps, double-fold bias quilt binding and gallery wrapped canvas techniques, this eBook has it all!

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