How to Quilt: Beginner Tips and Quilt Pattern

Is there anything more gratifying than watching someone discover the joys of quilting? My son’s girlfriend is learning how to make a simple quilt, and I am having so much fun watching her work on this project with her friends.

back to basics easy quilt pattern by barbara groves and mary jacobson
Back to Basics Quilt by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson, as featured in International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene 2013/14, is an easy quilt pattern, perfect for beginners.

Imagine, young people getting together to learn to quilt! With hands busy cutting, piecing, and stitching, conversation flows, just like in the sewing circles of old.

My role is to offer advice and expertise when asked, but not to hover so closely that I stifle the creativity.

If you’re learning how to quilt or know someone who is, here are my recommendations for getting started.

Advice on Quilting for Beginners

1. Join a guild. Guild members are a great source of information, encouragement, and friendship.

2. Take as many classes you can. Every teacher offers something different, and you can learn so much from their expertise.

3. Use the right tools and materials. Buy good quality thread, sturdy cutting tools, and a reliable sewing machine. You will be thankful you did!

4. Start with easy quilt patterns. Whether it’s a basic quilting blocks like a nine-patch or stacked strips, learning how to make a simple quilt will teach you the essential skills you’ll need for bigger projects.

easy quilt pattern
Here is Colleen with her almost-finished project. It’s been so much fun to watch her learn to quilt.

5. Relax, enjoy, experiment, but most of all, have fun!

In addition to the pattern, Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson have also designed the pre-cut Moda fabric for the project. The name of the fabric line, “Giggles,” makes me think of young women getting together to quilt, chat, and make something beautiful.

The Back to Basics Quilt pattern featured in International Quilt Festival: Quilt Scene 2013/14 is terrific for beginners and experts looking for a fun and fast project.

P.S. What’s your favorite beginning quilting project? Leave your answer below.

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3 thoughts on “How to Quilt: Beginner Tips and Quilt Pattern

  1. My favorite beginning project is a pot holder for younger people and place mats for the rest of us. In fact, when I was the chairperson for the Tucson Quilter’s Guild we developed and wrote the Girl Scout Badges for quilting! Over 1200 girls have earned their badges while learning this wonderful skill. Visit our website that has all the directions for those two projects plus the order forms from the Southern Arizona Girls Scout Council.

    Shari Thompson

  2. My first quilting project was a quilt (throw) made of 6″ blocks. No pattern, just rows of blocks. I’d sewn enough making clothes, I didn’t have any problem making it look ok. It was used until the fabric fell into shreds. I may make one like that again, I know it will be well loved.!

  3. While hubby was serving in the Army, I’d teach a Rail Fence no-batt friendship quilt to a group of friends at various posts throughout his career. We’d use muslin for that center strip. Sew together the 2″ strips, cut into 5″ sections/blocks, arrange and sew together in horizontal rows, then sew the final horizontal seams, add 5″ borders and voila, the top is finished. Then we’d sign each other’s blocks with a permanent pen. (The blank squares could be signed later by other friends.) We added a simple muslin backing, sewed the four edges but left an opening for turning, turned and sewed it shut. Held the 2 layers together with embroidery-floss ties. This made a great table covering or light-weight summer throw, and a grand remembrance of our tour together.