In Honor of Spring: A Fabric Giveaway!

Shades of Black fabricThe official start of spring is just a week away, and I can hardly contain my excitement! It's time to say goodbye to snow, coats, and winter heating bills and say hello to flowers, short-sleeves, and sunshine. What's not to love?

So in honor of spring, we're having another fabric giveaway! And while this "Shades of Black" fabric collection from Moda may not scream "spring," it is filled with fun floral patterns that are guaranteed to bring new life to your quilts. 

Don't miss your chance to win this beautiful fabric! Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about the approaching season, and you'll automatically be entered to win. I'll announce the winner on the first day of spring–Wednesday, March 20th.

Good luck!


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987 thoughts on “In Honor of Spring: A Fabric Giveaway!

  1. I love everything about spring–tulips and daffodils coming up, buds on the trees, grass turning green, robins at the feeders and best of all, warmer weather! 🙂

  2. I love the thrill of a change in weather, cool yet crisp and animals coming back to life and flowers and bulbs starting to bloom. A change of seasons is really a blessing.

  3. Warmer temperatures and longer days. There will still be snow storms here in Colorado but at least it will melt quickly and not get very cold. Then the flowers will bloom and by mid-April my tomatoes will be in there wall of water cocoons……

  4. I live in Wisconsin where we’ve had a foot of snow on the ground since the beginning of December. One of my favorite things about spring happens when the snow finally disappears. It’s the eye-opening moment when last Fall’s dead grass and leaves make their reappearance from under the melting snow. I do a double-take and always think to myself, “Oh, yeah! That’s what the earth looks like!” LOL!

  5. This may sound odd, but I love the smell of the garden earth as the snow melts and the sun warms the soil.
    I keep trudging through the snow to the sunny side of the house to see if any of the tulips and daffodils have popped up yet.

  6. I love opening all the windows and the French doors to the screened porch and letting the fresh mountain air in!!! Love this fabric line – thanks for the chance to win!

  7. New buds on all deciduous plants, bird chirping, fresh smell of newly mowed lawn, longer days, sunshine and warmth…just a few of my favorite things!

  8. I love the new signs of rebirth that come with spring, new green leaves and flowers coming forth, new baby animals being born, and gardens being prepared for vegetables growth always make me happy.

  9. Spring is my favorite season. The fresh smells, flowers sprouting and blooming, brighter skies, and longer days are all part of the enjoyment of spring!

  10. Spring is my favorite season. The fresh smells, flowers sprouting and blooming, brighter skies, and longer days are all part of the enjoyment of spring!

  11. It may not be official yet, but spring is here with crocus, daffodils, and other spring flowers and bushes in bloom…love the colors! And the warmer air.

  12. I love the little plants that are growing under my lights and will soon be set out in the greenhouse. Seems like a theme for an art quilt!!!!!

  13. My favorite thing about spring is the birdsong that awakens me in the morning. I hope I win this fabric because then I can do a happy dance to that song!

  14. spring will be awhile longer up here … but i look forward to the greening, the first bit of green willl be my daffodils, then my tulips will shoot and leaf buds will sprout on my rosebushes. in turn, grass will pop and soon my yard is a light spring green!

  15. My favorite part of spring is watching the new life spring up in my yard. All the grape hyacinths and lilies popping up all around with the birds returning from their winter homes. Then the decorating the house in new fabrics either from winning a giveaway or taking from my stash. Here’s to Spring and the winner of this new Moda fabric for their stash.!! Happy quilting.

  16. As soon as March rolls around, I start itching to go to the garden centres and buy plants for my patio pots – It snowed yesterday, so I’ll have to wait till the end of May, but there is a huge outdoor show this weekend!

  17. Love black & white! Thank you for the chance.

    Spring = returning migratory birds, longer days of sunlight, delicious fresh air, blue skies… Everything awakening–including me.

  18. Spring is all about new birth…I love the lingering daylight, bulbs giving way to flowers, buds opening into leaves, birds singing and warmer temperatures. It inspires me to do something fresh with my quilting!

  19. I love being able to be outside more with the weather turning nicer. All the flowers coming into bloom, especially the lilacs that smell so wonderful in my front yard!

  20. When I first see my purple crocus open up I know that spring is not far away and I enjoy watching the squirrels dig up their nuts that they buried the previous season. Oh, and I look forward to the robins checking out the same space year after year to make their nests. The garden is coming alive would sum it up for me and I got to see all of this activity in the past week.

  21. Two things – light and green …

    Winter in my part of the UK tends to be very grey and gloomy. The brighter light and the emergence of fresh foliage lift my spirits.

  22. I look forward to the new season as it brings new growth, colors
    emerge once again, people become more active and inspired to accomplish more. It just brings on a sense of well being.

  23. For me, the sure signs of spring are hearing the “peepers” start to make their symphony of musical notes and the smell of the freshly thawed earth.

  24. I love seeing the redbud and dogwood trees start to bloom, and watching the birds and squirrels setting up housekeeping in the yard outside my sewing room window 🙂

  25. Fav thing about Spring – the smell of wet grass and sweet new buds . The sunshine colours of daffodils and the pure clean whitness of snowdrops – so inspirational

  26. Spring is coming, you can feel it in the air, the sounds of nature have changed. The birds are more vocal, the small creaking and crackles from the trees and the ground as the buds and bulbs push their way thru to new life from their winter slumbers. The wonderful smells of fresh, clean and yes, green. New life, new hope, new challenges to meet. This for me is the new year. This is when I make my resolutions, to be a better person, to be more thankful for what I have, to learn more and to finish off all the quilts and crafts that are waiting for me, before I start anymore. Happy Spring to all of you and may all your endeavours bring you joy and happiness.

  27. My favorite thing about spring is COLOUR! The grass turning green, the first green leaves emerging against a blue sky and of course the spring flowers and blossoms. Here on the Canadian Prairies, this can occur very quickly and is the most exciting time of the year.

  28. The earthy smell of the woods, the yummy morel mushrooms to find, the Duchman breeches, violets, Jack in the pulpits, blood root, and the redbud trees flowering, are some of God’s spring gifts to me.

  29. Spring means the snow will finally go away! Flowers will bloom, the trees will have leaves and flowers. It will get warmer and with daylight savings time it means being able to go for a walk when I get home from work!

  30. There is so much I like about Spring. The grass turns green, flowers spring up, birds, squirrels, start moving around and the sound of chidren outside having fun playing. It’s the best time of the year for me.

  31. There is so much I like about Spring. The grass turns green, flowers spring up, birds, squirrels, start moving around and the sound of chidren outside having fun playing. It’s the best time of the year for me.

  32. I have to admit that my favorite part of spring is opening my pool. I sew all day long on most winter days, but when spring comes, I force myself to sit in the sun for a few afternoon hours — usually thinking about my current or next quilt project.

  33. I love to hear the arrival of the migrating back from the south, seeing the pussywillows “popping” out and the arrival of longer days . I can hardly wait to see my tulips and daffodils poking out. it may be June ,however, as we have so much snow to disappear before that happens!

  34. The greatest thing about Spring is being able to sit on the porch with your quilt project for those last few hand stitches, while enjoying the fresh air and watching the blooms pop and the birds building their nest…just as you are building your project. Just as joyful and simple as black and white.

  35. My favorite thing about spring is when green begins to retake the landscape. The drab gray/brown starts to fade and almost imperceptibly the light green appears and spreads, and the crocuses, hyacinths hurry to catch up. Before you know it, the dreary winter aftermath is only a memory.

  36. Such pretty fabrics. Happy Quilt day to everyone out there. The thing I like most about spring is; It is like a re-birth of everything, the planet looks prettier, our atitudes are renewed; our days are longer and we get to stitch and read and do all the things we like because we have more warmer and longer light filled days…oh I just love spring!

  37. In Australia Spring goes from 12 degrees in the day in winter to 20 degrees …………THe plants continue growing after their slow rate and the roses come up a treat.

  38. Favorite this about Spring? It’s got to be birdsong! While we have feathered friends around all winter here in Michigan, we don’t HEAR them much. And those days when the musical notes resound in the morning, I am filled with a sense of joy and renewal. (Well, the next favorite thing is seeing my grands’ knees again as they play, jump and run in the newfound freedom of shorts!)

  39. I’ve always loved the visual texture of new buds and leaves as they emerge after a spring rain, but I have to say that the first sign of spring that I see every year in New England is when the vultures come back. They arrive before the flocks of geese go over, and before the red-wings return!

  40. Spring–especially its early days–is my favorite season because we are as far away from winter as it is possible to get. The days that spiral out before us have more sun and warmth and color as far as you can see. Winter becomes a memory that we don’t have to face again for months and months.

  41. I love about the comming season, spring, is the new plants that color my pallette with the birds stopping by for a lunch and have a drink of water, all the bugs and critters come to visit too. Just as majestic, is the smiles you see on everyone’s faces greeting the spring warmth. My world around me is my color pallette that help create the pallette in my quilts.

  42. I like combining quilting and gardening. In the middle of the day when the sun is high and in the evening or on a rainy, I quilt. In the morning and late afternoon I garden. Each are creative endeavors that I enjoy.

  43. The birds! In our neighborhood, the male cardinals are declaring their territories — I hear them when I go out to get the newspaper each morning. Soon we’ll have robins. In the marsh on the way to Lake Michigan the red-winged blackbirds are trilling their beautiful melody.
    The flowers! Scylla, daffodils, tulips, hyacinth in the garden — and skunk cabbage, bloodroot, trillium and more in the woods where I walk.

    Black and white fabric is in style ANY season of the year. It mkes other fabric combinations pop!

  44. Waking up before everyone else, having a bit of quiet time, then hearing the birds sing their spring songs. The spring bulbs are popping up…snowdrops, crocuses, tulips and lots of daffodils. The best part, though, is being able to open the windows a bit and let the fresh spring air in to clean out the stale winter blahs.

  45. My favorite thing about Spring is watching all of my trees, shrubs, and plants come back to life. The ducks fly in to feed under the bird feeders. And of course, sitting out on our back deck in the evenings with a glass of wine! 😎

  46. All winter we see the bare branches, and hear them rattle in the cold winter wind. We say we won’t miss it this year. We watch them closely day after day. We see the buds swell as the days get longer…..we look once more just to be sure we don’t miss it. We look away, it seems just for a moment. And what do you know….the trees are full of shades of green! Not one bare branch. My husband and I look at each other and say, ” we missed it again!” . The transformation….that’s what I love about spring. Maybe next year?!

  47. I love the snowdrops peeping through the soil, the new lambs skiping in the sunshine, and most of all being able to feel the promise of warmer weather to come.

  48. Everything going green and budding! Though I have a couple of weeks where I’m sneezing constantly, I still love the green. (also appropriate since it’s St Paddy’s weekend!) Happy Spring.

  49. I love to watch the landscape slowly turn from winter brown to green as the grasses, trees and flowers awaken. The longer days and more sunshine is also very welcome after a long winter.

  50. Spring into life.. a rejuvenation of Mother it’s best..New growth, birds returning to nest, buds turning into leaves, time to plan what you want to put into the earth. Cabin fever gone with bright thoughts. Morning coffee outside so you can witness the rebirth of life. What a special time of the year. The freshness of the air. The warmth of the sun.

  51. OMG this collection of fabric is beautiful! I can see it with bursts of color. Spring is my favorite season – new life coming all around with flowers, grass turning green, baby birds coming and warm sunshine to bring me back to life! I want to start quilting but don’t have money to buy fabric due to illness. Would love to win this and put it with materials I have (ripped clothing apart to salvage fabric).

  52. My favorite part of Spring is renewal and hope. When the daffodils come up, you know that the dreary winter days are almost over and that life is being breathed back into the world.

  53. Spring to me is a renewal of our crafting soul with new life,the great colors and sounds all there to refresh us to start again and create more beautiful art for our family and friends.

  54. Spring feels like salvation from a long winter. It makes me think I’m going to make it another year when I hear the birds and frogs singing, and when the large birds such as the turkey vultures return to the desert. It is renewed hope with sweet fragrances and warm, healthy sunshine. Carol

  55. New life is born – the sun awakening nature – it is wonderful to see all flowers appear, the birds coming back from the south, starting to build their nests. It also refuels the crafting and sewing spirit in me, my desire to create – start a new project, to learn a new technique and make a new beginning with this wonderful hobby. What could be better than to win some beautiful fabric to start spring season?

  56. It’s as if all the colors have been sleeping through the Winter and the colors begin to pop in early Spring starting with the purple crocuses, yellow daffodils and forsythia, the mutli- colors of the tulips and then the azaleas. More colors continue to appear until they start to rest once again, burning into the landscape as amber, orange, crimson, maroon and umber in the Fall. And so it goes, the earth is once again blanketed by the beauty of color…just like the quilts we are making!

  57. Oh this is easy! There is about a week while the landscape of gray branches of trees first soften with a hint, and then a blush of green. That truly SPRING green—you can almost feel it pop! The air changes, everything changes and comes alive.

  58. I love the colors of Spring; something about that bright green as the trees start to leaf out makes me very happy. The daffodils peaking up from the tired winter flower beds remind me that every spring is a time to start fresh again.

  59. My spring favorites are that it brings more sun on your face, peonies buds popping up through the soil, birds chirpping, more moments to say hi to your nieghbor and actually stay awhile longer to visit.

  60. We recently moved from the desert southwest to the bluegrass of Kentucky. The view from my back porch is magical in the springtime: green, green, green!

  61. Spring is my favorite season, I love watching the earth come back to life with an array of fabulous colors basking in the warm sunshine. Mother Nature knows how to put on a show!

  62. My favorite thing about spring is being able to get back outside and do some gardening and yard work. Even though it takes me away from my quilting, it also gives me great pleasure to grow flowers and have a nice yard to enjoy.

  63. Spring’s coming and I’m ready. In spring, I bring out all of my spring colors in lighter-weight fabrics for summer wardrobes. My quilting projects get smaller (wall hangings, bags). I throw the windows open and let the fresh air inspire my sewing.

  64. I love spring because you can open the windows and breathe fresh air. It is also the time when you don’t need A/C or heat, so there’s more money left over to buy fabric.

  65. My favorite thing about spring is to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in, the flowers blooming, watching the birds and taking my hand projects out to the deck to work on them.

  66. SPRING IS:
    Windows wide open so the musty winter air can be replaced by fresh spring air!
    Lilacs and pansies and primroses and tulips!
    Days slowly growing longer………
    Visiting with neighbors as we all tackle new st

  67. what I like about spring is I am still living and breathing this is my birthday and I am 67 years old on first day of spring and God gave me one more year to enjoy the beautiful day where the birds sing and let me know winter is over when I hear birds sing that lets me know summer is coming I love spring
    thank you

  68. I am a newbie quilter, but I am waiting for spring so I can open the windows while I sew. I also want to try some of the quilt painting projects I have in my head outside.

  69. Living in the mid west gives me a new appreciation for the seasons. I grew up on the West Coast and never realized what the changing seasons really were. I love watching the trees bud, the rabbits and other animals become active and look forward to walks with my dog. But my favorite thing about spring is that it is a time of renewed colors. The colors of Spring inspire me.

  70. My favorite thing about spring is the arrival of robins and blue birds in my backyard. I also love the daffodils that pop up in many places in my yard bringing their own bit of sunshine to the setting.

  71. SPRING IS:
    Windows wide open so the musty winter air can be replaced by fresh spring air!
    Lilacs and pansies and primroses, daffodils and tulips!
    Days slowly growing longer………
    Visiting with neighbors as we emerge from cloistered winter life and prepare our yards for the coming season

    Time to celebrate the summer months ahead!

  72. SPRING IS:
    Windows wide open so the musty winter air can be replaced by fresh spring air!
    Lilacs and pansies and primroses, daffodils and tulips!
    Days slowly growing longer………
    Visiting with neighbors as we emerge from cloistered winter life and prepare our yards for the coming season

    Time to celebrate the summer months ahead!

  73. that I am still alive and breathing God gave me another day to enjoy the life I have I was born on the first day of spring I am 67 and to hear the birds sing lets me know spring is here and summer is coming

  74. My favorite thing about spring is airing out the house, hanging sheets (and quilts) on the line…yes, I still hang things on the line…and the fresh smell in the air!

  75. spring is fresh! fresh air, fresh flowers, etc. i love the spring freshness to chase away all the staleness of being closed up against the winter.

  76. It’s been nearly two decades since I experienced a Florida “spring”. I can’t wait to see the subtle differences to start emerging. Luckily I’m in an area that does have a few trees that lost all of their leaves over the winter, so I won’t miss out entirely on seeing those beautiful, lil’ buds forming then blossoming.

  77. My favourite thing about Spring is the longer days, especially when there is sunshine! Actually sunshine is my favourite thing any time of year, but the lengthening days seem to be such a reward after winter, especially in Canada.

  78. Spring: I love feeling the pull of my yard as the weather warms up and begs me to get out there and spruce things up! Daffodils everywhere are the first sign of spring followed quickly by almond and cherry blossoms. And my local quilt store has a big sale today!
    Sue R

  79. Oh my, I love Spring. I love to see the grass turning green and everything budding and all the new leaves. Especially like the daffodils and tulips in bloom. And, of course, the nice roads.

  80. I love the colors. We have mixed azaleas in our yard and it’s a shout of color when they bloom… offset by the creams and pinks of the dogwood blossoms.

  81. Looking forward to Spring. I love to see colors of budding trees and the different shades of green with the blue sky! I have a mini piece to finish that reflects that variety of greens and sky. Hopefully Spring will inspire me to finish the little project!

  82. To me spring really gets going for me is the return of the birds. Hearing them singing early in the morning starts my day in a positive way.
    Happy spring!
    Suzanne, Dutchess County, NY

  83. I live in Florida. It is always Spring…unless it’s Summer. To me, Black and White are “cool down” colors. You can cool it off more with blues and fire it up with reds. Love it. Thanks for the opportunity to win these gorgeous fabrics.

  84. I love spring – fabrics with black and white certainly remind me of my wardrobe waiting to be plucked from my closet as the temperatures begin to warm up. I’m visualizing a black and white quilt with pops of lime green, hot pink and/or bright blue. It will look great on my front porch on my white wicker. It’s calling my name. It’s snowing today and the snow banks are waist high. Temps are in the low teens. I could use a bright, light project to help melt the cold away. So send spring my way.

  85. spring! It means that I’ll soon be able to sew in the porch. It means that I don’t have to wear boots and coats and mitts. I don’t have to clean off the car.

  86. Spring makes me happy. Spring gives me energy I didn’t know I could still have. Spring smells like Pinesol. Spring is clean and bright and sunny and rainy and lovely.

  87. Spring, oh how I love thee for so very many reasons. Baby wildlife, sprouts of green peeking thru the snow, buttercups, rebirth of Mother Earth in general!

  88. I believe the best thing about spring is the lifting of weight; the weight of clothing,the weight of the weather. It brings light to us it lifts us up from depression (cabin fever, the smells of our homes), we can now open windows and doors and breath.
    Thanks for letting me rattle

  89. I saw a tree with purple blossoms peeking out yesterday. I loved it and immediately wanted to capture that beauty in fabric. Spring is an awesome time of year and renews my spirit to get creative.

  90. The thing I am looking forward to are the beautiful colors. I have been making fabric flowers and paper flowers and the brightness of the colors is just gorgeous.

  91. My favorite thing about spring is being able to open all the windows in the house and let the breeze blow through after having the house closed up all winter…nothing makes me feel happier or makes me ready to be creative more than the first day I can throw the windows open and let out all the stagnant, over-wintered air and let the fresh in!

  92. What’s not to like about spring?! Little animals are born, there is new growth from the earth and with the increased sunshine the creative energy flows! Yippee@

  93. We live in the southwest and the best part of spring is the desert flowers. I take lots of photos and they give me inspiration for my landscape quilts.

  94. For me, Spring in Phoenix is all about sleeping with the windows open, getting a pedicure, wearing lighter, softer colors and enjoying the freshness in the air before Summer temps arrive.

  95. I love when the trees are in bloom — so gorgeous! I’ve also got plans to attend a big quilt show this spring. I’m going with a couple friends and we are taking an all-day class — can’t wait!

  96. My favorite thing about spring is finally getting my hands back in the soil and watching things grow, then resting after a hard day in the garden making something useful to hold the impending fruits and veggies, such as a fabric basket or casserole cover. Spring, I welcome you back!

  97. My favorite thing about spring is finally getting my hands back in the soil and watching things grow, then resting after a hard day in the garden making something useful to hold the impending fruits and veggies, such as a fabric basket or casserole cover. Spring, I welcome you back!

  98. My favorite thing about spring are the peach blossoms that burst out on my peach tree way too soon. I always hold my breath, hoping it will not freeze…

  99. The feelings of Spring are that of “renewal”. The flowers/bulbs begin to come alive with days of warmer weather and nights with a nip of crispness. Oh, the sweet thoughts of Spring once again!

  100. Sitting outside in my backyard finishing a craft with the sun on my face. Whether it be crocheting, or binding a quilt – natural lighting is a plus too.

  101. I am excited about the coming of spring so I can get outside and do some fabric painting and dyeing. Hopefully it doesn’t come too fast because I haven’t done my snow deying yet this year.

  102. My favorite part of spring is putting up Wood Duck boxes on our property. My husband made the boxes and we trudge around our land installing the boxes for Wood Ducks. It’s wonderful to provide a safe place for the ducks to hatch their eggs. Seeing the Wood Ducks fly in and out of the boxes is a joy. We take them down in the fall to preserve them over the winter.

  103. Everything looks clean and fresh in the Spring. It’s as if the Earth and its inhabitants have put on their best finery to step forward. Bonnie Curtis, Chesterfield, VA

  104. I am so looking forward to Spring when I can see more sunshine, red winged black birds, robins and more and feel warmer outside when I take my walks! And everything is New again!!

  105. I enjoy the sounds of laughter from the neighborhood children and the songs of birds, barking dogs and the feel of excitement from the smells emitting from the open doors and windows. It takes me back to my childhood with wonderful memories every spring.

  106. It’s the little things about spring that excit me. The chortle of the robin as he gathers nesting materials, the dripping of the eaves through onto the patio stone, now that will need fixing. The fresh green on the perennail bushes tells me there is more to come.. And most of all the running of the maple sap, assures me
    winter is over. Hurray for Spring Stitchgeek

  107. My favorite part of Spring is the budding of the trees, the flowers starting to open, and the smell of the fresh rain. You know that winter is behind us and that once again a brand new start is once again happening. How can you walk outside and not smile!!

  108. I like getting out with my camera as the spring colors pop. I get inspiration for new photo quilts. It may be years before the photo makes its way into fabric but there’s always another project in the wings.

  109. The green will be back! No more mud and clumps of dirty snow. Watching how the color palette of the earth changes every day brightens my mood. This has been a hard winter and I am ready for a change!

  110. As a Floridian, we have color all year in one way or another. I love the Spring watching the Wren making nest and the green buds on the Oak trees. It just brings a new life to things, Margaret in Odessa FL

  111. Although winter in Montana is a great time to stay inside and quilt, I love watching for buds to appear on the trees and new sprouts of plants showing through the ground. Feels like new beginnings each spring.

  112. I love the smells and colors of spring, the purples of the lilacs, greens of leaves and grass, the blue of the sky. It is so amazing to watch the changes every day.

    Sandy A

  113. It’s as if all the colors have been sleeping through the Winter and the colors begin to pop in early Spring starting with the purple crocuses, yellow daffodils and forsythia, the mutli- colors of the tulips and then the azaleas. More colors continue to appear until they start to rest once again, burning into the landscape as amber, orange, crimson, maroon and umber in the Fall. And so it goes, the earth is once again blanketed by the beauty of color…just like the quilts we are making!

  114. It’s as if all the colors have been sleeping through the Winter and the colors begin to pop in early Spring starting with the purple crocuses, yellow daffodils and forsythia, the mutli- colors of the tulips and then the azaleas. More colors continue to appear until they start to rest once again, burning into the landscape as amber, orange, crimson, maroon and umber in the Fall. And so it goes, the earth is once again blanketed by the beauty of color…just like the quilts we are making!

  115. As a displaced Chicago girl in south Texas, I miss spring so much! No lilacs here, very few tulips or daffodils and no snow or crocuses to peek through it. You’ve inspired me to do it with fabric!

  116. As a displaced Chicago girl in south Texas, I miss spring so much! No lilacs here, very few tulips or daffodils and no snow or crocuses to peek through it. You’ve inspired me to do it with fabric!

  117. I am sooo ready for spring! Here in South Dakota the winter can be long and cold. My favorite thing about spring is being able to open up all the windows and doors so that I am more able to see the pretty fabrics that I have in the sunlight. Also, it is nearing the time that I can make a visit to my home state of Texas and deliver to my grandkids and great-grandkids the quilts that I have made for them over the winter.

  118. I love seeing things grow, like spring flowers, warm sunshine, blue skies, and that you know that life is beautiful. The Lord has not forsaken us.

  119. You have all heard the saying,” spring has sprung, the grass has riz, wonder where the robins is.” Well, lately they have been gathering together, here in south Alabama, preparing for their journey north. They are SO chipper.
    But ny very favoritest thing are the spring flowers. They bring laughter, love, warmth, remembrance, joy in life & loves & living. Also sometimes a little inspiration.


  120. Everything is new again! New buds, new flowers, new animals and birds, eggs, asparagus, new potatoes and the green is the freshest, youngest green. It makes even those of us not so young, feel like we could be again.

  121. Spring has been my favourite season for many years. I love the new growth in the garden from what looks dead, the returning birds, the thoughts of baby birds and animals, grass turning green, trees leafing out, etc.

    When I was a “new” gardener, I ordered and planted bulbs that were “very early” blooming. My Snowdrops have been blooming now for 3 weeks — of course this morning they are blooming through fresh snow — and my crocus started to bloom this week. And my bird feeders have been busier this past week with flocks of returning birds than they were all winter!

    Spring is sprung,
    The grass is riz,
    I know where the birdies iz!

  122. My favorite for spring is the freshness in the air and thinking of fun new projects and bright colors to use to brighten up the house and move winter out. Thanks Nancy

  123. I love spring because the birds that fly south come back to Wisconsin…especially the Robins. And everything starts blooming. I love spring because it means the end of winter and the beginning of a season full of fishing! :o)

  124. Spring is when I get excited about using the new fabric lines. It is like watching the flowers bloom but it is using fabric to create beauty. I am a fabriholic and I’m proud of it. Barb

  125. With spring comes melting snow which gives way to greening of the grass and the appearance of dainty blue scilla coming out of the lawn. And the singing robins.

  126. Being from northern California , we are blessed with many nice days between colder ones. We are also fortunate to have flowers that hang in there through winter. When I hear the bird’s songs and see them happily building their nests , I know it is spring!


  127. I always miss my mom when spring comes….her birthday would have been on the 21st, and we always celebrated by going out to see the new flowers and the budding trees

  128. My favorite thing about Spring would have to be…having the chance to be more of a visionary. Pulling all creative know how together to give birth to something new, fresh, and exciting. Sort of like Spring, bringing new life, new adventures, and happy accidents…lol!

  129. I love watching for my bulbs to poke their leaves up through the earth and bravely blossom in the chill early spring breezes. Their cheery colors bring me back to life after the cold gloomy winter months!

  130. My Crocuses have already greeted us with the Narcissus up and in bud! So beautiful. Now I wait for the rest of the birds to return with their beautiful song!

  131. I love Spring for all the flowers that pop up and start blooming! And I LOVE these black and white fabrics. I am a dyer and I see lots of possibilities in them!!

  132. As a quilter of “a certain age” I must say that I look forward to the advent of spring especially because of the relief to my slightly arthritic hands that warmer weather brings. It sure makes quilting more comfortable ! And the cheery sounds of spring birdsong that come in my open windows give happy motivation to my work.

  133. Its corny but, I love the songs of the birds and the first flowers popping up and my grand children playing in the back yard. And of course Warm weather.

    Thank you for the chance to win some beautiful fabric. I can never have enough.

  134. Planting my vegetable garden has to be number 1. Once its planted I go out and look at it constantly trying to stare the seeds right out of the ground;)

  135. Planting my vegetable garden has to be number 1. Once its planted I go out and look at it constantly trying to stare the seeds right out of the ground;)

  136. after the bleakness of winter, I look forward to a season of color.
    thanks for the chance to win. Black and white fabric, combined with color can be inspirational combination for an art quilt.

  137. Spring is my favorite time of year because I can move all my big tropical plants back outside from my very high, glassed in and temperature controlled deck. Oh Glory Be!!! The sewing machines, iron, easy chair for relaxing and reading sewing magazines and a TV (for all those great sewing shows!) are moved back into my treehouse!!! I am from Florida, live in Kentucky, and have to have my “backyard” citrus and tropical flowers. I am a happy sewist!

  138. The boost of energy I get from extra sunshine and light, and I get to kiss those sweaters and jeans goodbye for a while and brighten & lighten up my wardrobe.

  139. Hands down and without any need for thought, my favorite thing about spring is the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin. I go every year, every year is different, can probably remember specific “pictures” from the 40 or so years I’ve been going–ever since college and the first time I saw the “snowball tree”. It is just before going over a bridge with a view of the whole Tidal Basin and monuments–and the clusters of blossoms on this old tree make it just the best of the whole lot. After what always seems like dreary winter and a long year, the passing parade on the Tidal Basin and the happiness of most people rejuvenate me, along with the trees and other blossoms just springing out to delight the eye and soul.


  140. When everything around me is blooming or greening up there is always such a inner sense of renewal in my creative juices, often torn between working in the yard creating art, or the studio to translate into fabric what the earth is giving me, it’s the excitement of seeing it all that thrills me.

  141. I’m with angela maves on this one. The smell of the earth as the snow melts. It’s like the earth itself is waking up, ready to feed the spring blossoms.

  142. I love the earlier light of a Spring morning and the first greening of a willow tree which is the same as the Spring Green crayon in the 64 box. This was always my favorite crayon. It brings me back to my childhood.

  143. I love the smell of the fresh newly opened leaves and the bright green colour of them. Another thing I love is the joyful noise the geese make as the fly overhead on their journey to the Arctic

  144. My favorite thing about the approaching season is that I AM! Last November, I had open-heart surgery…with that came the doubts of living to see another spring. But, here I am. I am doing my cardio-rehab faithfully and I feel stronger every day. Part of my rehabilitation is the joy that comes with my quilting next to a beautiful large window. I look forward to the blossoms, the smells and the new creations of the upcoming season……..seasons.

  145. It’s about the lilacs. I have two kinds blooming at my house. My favorites are the french lilacs – a beautiful deep purple color. And the fragrance on the breeze? Simply wonderous!

  146. I love seeing the robins out and the other animals. We have ducks close to us and they start laying on their eggs. I also like the spring flowers in bloom.

  147. I live in Montana! Spring is the feet of snow melting! The excitement of seeing the first sprouts of green growth, the new flowers starting to “spring” up, getting excited about the garden, longer days, wild turkeys out flaunting their gorgeous selves. Awwww, spring!

  148. When the robins & starlings return, I know that Spring is on its way, even if we still have snow. With Spring comes renewed hope & the miracle of re-growth from tiny sprigs buried during the winter. Joy!

  149. I like spring because of the blooming trees and all the bright colors. The fact that it stays daylight longer makes me feel like there are more hours in the day to sew and garden or just enjoy the day.

  150. I have always wanted to make a black and white quilt and winning this would give me the motivation to purchase more black and white fabric to make one. What beautiful fabric!!!

  151. What is not to like about spring! I so look forward to the bright spring flowers, the greening of the lawn and the flush of the budding trees.
    This black and white fabric would make a great backdrop for a bright springy floral print to welcome spring. It could be new place mats, maybe a table runner or a lap quilt while sitting on the porch watching spring arrive. Oh! the decisions we have to make.

  152. FLOWERS, FLOWERS, FLOWERS -I love to grow flowers! I love to wear flowers.
    No more snow and lots of warmth. watching everything come back to life. There are many things to LOVE about SPRING

  153. My favorite thing about Spring is that I open my sewing room windows and the daffodils have just opened up and greet me. My husband planted them right outside my window to surprise me and I am reminded of his love each Spring!!!!!

  154. I happily look forward to Spring as a time for fresh new beginnings, and seeing as how black and white are not colors I usually use, being the winner of these fabulous fabrics would be another fresh, exciting start to look forward to. I love spring, it is the time of year when everything comes to life again and color is everywhere.


  155. I love so much about spring…tree blossoms, daffodils, new birds moving through or returning, the longer hours of daylight, and yes…daylight savings time. All of it is inspiring.

  156. I love seeing the flowers bloom, the grass turning green, and hearing the birds sing. Spring is my favorite time of year. It seems like everything is bursting with color.

  157. The colors of spring are inspiring to me when I sew. I love the pastels of the Easter season and the beautiful bright colors of the tulips. The daffodils in the many shades of yellow make me want to brighten up my home with the sunshine colors.

  158. I just can’t live for long without seeing flowers in bloom. Spring brings an excitement that no other season brings for me. Spring is my ultimate inspirtion season.

  159. It’s like a second chance at starting the New Year. I just had a birthday, and so it feels like time to begin again. Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Spring!

  160. My favorite thing about spring is the feeling of renewed energy everything seems to have. You look around and trees are starting to have leaves, flowers are starting to bloom and everything just feels happier.

  161. My favorite thing about spring is: Bluebonnets! I live in Texas and the road sides are now bursting with these beautiful, blue-violet with white-tipped wildflowers that just make my heart sing!

  162. I do childcare in my home for school age kids, mostly boys, so my favorite thing about spring is that they can get outside and use those large motor skills! And, of course, being able to take some hand work out on the porch and smell the daphne blooming while I work!

  163. I’m looking forward for Spring. Sunshine, the early morning light, the singing of the birds, the buds on the trees, the blooming bulb flowers. Can hardly wait.

  164. Happt Quilting Day! I have to say that spring is my favourite season as I can get out of my basement office and have coffee on the deck. I also look forward to the arrival of baby squirrels.

  165. My favorite thing about Spring is how young children react to all the flowers, birds, frogs, etc. I love the sound of their laughter as they discover something new or see a baby chick for the first time.

  166. I love spring for all the expected reasons, new growth, new life, peeps, but I also love spring because it’s our last chance to enjoy cool weather all day long until the heat slams into us.

  167. My favorite part of spring is the color of new green foliage. It is so alive and delicate. Now, for my fabrics, I love in all colors. And I find the fine feel of a good fabric to be purely romantic.

  168. Spring is cold and muddy where I live. My favorite part is the anticipation of warmer weather, flowers, and the greater abundance of light, especially early in the morning!

  169. It is the best time to be in Southern Louisiana where I live, all the wild babies begin to make ther appeearances throm alligators to armidllos, nutria, fawns turtles and so on, the wild swamp berries are blooming, and my blueberries are flowering. The whole island is fragrant with orange blossoms and sweet olive aromas and gorgeous magnolias are in bloom.
    The weather is delightful, during the day in the 70’s and 80’s and at night still cool enough to sleep covered.

  170. Spring means to me that my flowers are coming up soon! I am addicted to popping color from black at the moment with my fabric creations, and have loads of photos of last year’s flower garden for my inspiration. And I am not just talking crocuses and grape hyacinth and daffodils! We have a butterfly garden with huge hibiscus grandiflora, roses, multiple asiatic lily varieties, turks cap lilies, trumpet vines, just a plethora of color and texture, its yummy! I feel an art quilt emerging from that inspiration, as well as the promise of all the new glory my garden will bring very soon! So yes, black is very appropriate for spring quiltings, because they set the stage for all that fantabulous color!

  171. Springs nearly here! Mornings are lighter and the evenings lighter. We’ve had here in the Midlands of UK our first few warmish days. My favourite time of year when all my new plants and seeds are planted and I have to wait till summer to see how they turn out! A BIT LIKE MY QUILTS!!! I also know once Easter is here I can start visiting my seaside caravan in Cornwall and take my quilting gear with me in case of a rainy day!

  172. Ah… Spring! More sun in the loft area of my log cabin for my little dog to warm himself in. Deer, elk, turkey, chipmunks, rabbits, etc. are visiting the property daily.

  173. I love the sounds of the birds and frogs, and the renewed energy I find in the light and colors of Spring. My studio and all it holds in potential ‘finished’ projects calls to me.

  174. I love spring because it is warmer to go out to my studio (aka garage( to sew. It also means summer is close and I get to go to see my Dad who will be 90 in May.

  175. I just love it when Spring comes and I am able to throw open my windows and
    doors. Just as what is happening all around us outside, the inside of my home is transformed with a new fresh breath of life in smells and sounds. It gives me a lift like no other. It makes me feel like cleaning and cooking and quilting and landscaping and planning all at the same time. It is rejuvenating!

  176. I can almost smell the damp soil in the garden, the joy of noticing the green nubs of new growth, the changing birdsongs, muddy dogs, rubber boots … spring!

  177. while I enjoy the arrival of the migrating birds and searching for signs of new plant life, I love the feel of warm sunshine on my face. It brings such peace and renewed creativity to me.

  178. I love seeing the plants come up. When i clean out the flower beds and quilt stash I feel like I’m sweeping the old ways out of my life to make room for the new. Spring just seems to bring out the clean up spirit.

  179. Here in North Carolina we go from a silent winter to a noisy spring and summer with tree frogs, bull frogs and song bird chirping. As I awake, I know it is spring due to all the sounds coming in my window. It breathes excitement.

  180. I’m sitting at my computor reading these posts looking out of the sliding glass door at 3 pair of quail walking right past me, there is a mocking bird singing from its perch on the barn and a dove cooing off in the distance, it is so beautiful and peaceful today it is like alls well in the world.

  181. The fabric you are giving away is filled with possibilities…That is the way that I
    see Spring! Already, here in the Midwest, I have seen my sister’s hyacinth pop
    through the ground and my Dad’s Daffodils getting ready to bloom.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  182. My favorite thing about spring is the added sunshine every day. It energizes me, so I get excited again about getting out the sewing machine and starting new projects. (I limit my winter-time projects to those I can do quickly and finish within a day or two.)

  183. My favorite thing about spring is the earth waking up from a long winter. The flowers and trees in bloom or budding. Green grass and warmer weather. Best part, rain replaces the snow!

  184. My favorite thing about spring is all the color! The lawn finally turns green and the flowers start to spring up – love the daffodils – they always make me smile! And I love the tulips and lilacs, and…….

  185. I love the warmer weather that energizes me. I feel like there is so much that I can accomplish on these lovely days whether it’s exercise, cleaning house, gardening, sewing, meeting up with friends….whatever. It just makes me feel GOOD!!!

  186. My mother’s birthday was the first day of Spring, and I named my daughter Anastasia, which means Spring and renewal. I have assigned specific flowers to represent those that were dear to me, and are now gone, so when I am in my garden and see one of them in blossom, I like to think of it as them saying, “Hello.” Spring means more work for me in the yard, but it also makes me smile.

  187. Planting new flowers and trees. Cleaning out the house and making it fresh and clean, and decorating with new spring table runners, placemats, wall hangings, etc. Celebrating Easter with my family and friends, and making fun new Easter dresses for my friends girls. Spring is the season of hope, beauty and new beginnings. My favorite season.

  188. I love when the barren flower beds start to show little green shoots and the first bold spring flowers add some color to the yard that has been so drab for the past few months.

  189. I prefer the time a little later in springtime. The blooming lilacs under my bedroom window permeate their scent thoughout the entir house. It’s just simply envigorating.

  190. ah, spring. the time of new beginnings, new life…. this spring will be especially special for me because i’m awaiting the arrival of my first grandson….Xavier!

  191. I love watching the spring colors popping out all over. We live in the AZ desert and it is magnificant to see. I also love fabrics and blacks and whites are a must have.

  192. My favorite thing about spring. Is the clean – up of winter, and a waiting of flowers to bloom and the planting of vegetables garden. Open a window and feel the warm breeze. Spring is coming and I can’t wait. Except here in Michigan we have snow on the grown again today. 🙂

  193. My favourite thing about spring is getting to dig in the dirt. Seeing colour sprouting from the ground, and blossoms bursting from the trees.

    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  194. Like you, I want to get out and try some sun dying and dying with ice. I took paper bags( brown) and dyed them with fabric dye. Now I would like to do the same thing only with white bags, Springs means I can hang them out to dye. Flowers to pound to make a quilt. fallen twigs to make thins out of. There is so much you can do in the spring. Sandy

  195. fresh tender new greens, bfrilliant colors and intoxicating smells! birdsong that you only hear in spring. return of the swallows, hummingbirds! and longer days for natural light, which means more art, gardening, and sewing!


  197. My favorite thing about SPRING is that the mountains are green and the skies are blue. The rain is gentle and everything looks [and feels] clean and crisp. Enjoying the Spring Days! Aloha!

  198. The Spring season is my time to get back outside for some gardening. I don’t give up quilting, I just do that later in the evenings, when I usually like to use spring colors on smaller projects like wall quilts and tablerunners.

  199. the return of colors!!! that black and white fabric would be a perfect “return to spring” quilt, with the addition of a few spots of bright colors, like flowers returning in the spring!

  200. How do those of us living north of the 49th celebrate the coming of spring? With a snowstorm, of course! But the good thing is that we know that this time it will be quick to melt. :o)

    Barb R in Ottawa

  201. Golly so many other people like the same things, bird songs, buds on my shrubs showing they survived winter, green, but my favorite spring thing is being able to go back to my outside workshop with the doors open to the breeze…just must be heaven!

  202. Spring cleaning! It’s an exciting time of year for me, I love making the house fresh, clearing away clutter that’s built up in my sewing room from the long dark winter months! I get very inspired during my “spring cleaning ritual”! It gives me the opportunity to take out my fabric stash, play with it and plan some bright and cheerful quilt projects for the coming sunny days of summer.

  203. I love the sunshine, the moderate temps, the birds singing, the tulips and crocuses blooming, spring showers, & gearing up for gardening season. Spring is my favorite season!

  204. I love how everything comes to life, the trees get their leaves (so bright they are) the flowers start to show, the grass is green, the fragrance of the first cutting of grass, etc. Guess I like it all!!!

  205. so very many others like the same things…birdsongs, buds on my shrubs showing they survived winter, green, but my favorite thing is that I am able to go back to my outside workshop with the doors open to the breeze…must be heaven!!

  206. The smell of the flowers from the fruit trees wafting through the air. I love the greenery and the little creatures that come out, especially in the butterfly garden but it’s the smell of Spring that really makes it wonderful. Something beautiful to take you away from the smells of the city and human workings.

  207. Ah Spring brings color to our eyes that are thirsty for green after all the long dark months of shades of gray, white, black and brown! It is natures gift to those of us in Texas, because just around the corner will be summer and its back to brown and burnt foliage from the heat.

  208. This year I’m especially looking forward to the return from college of my only son who attends University of Arizona. I’ve been working on some black and white blocks with a teal accent for a quilt for his room next year!

  209. Living in the Pacific Northwest, gray days become tiresome and dreary, but with the warming temperatures, I anticipate sunshine and look forwarad to capturing much needed natural vitamin D while scratching around in the garden beds.

  210. Spring …. music to my ears ! Looking forward to tulips and more tulips. Lucky to live near a town that over does it on tulips much to my pleasure. Thanks for a chance to win some lovely fabrics. janita

  211. Best part about spring is knowing that my son who is in the Air Force working on planes outside all night long in 10 degree weather, will be a little warmer while he works !

  212. Spring will be here soon. Each year I plan spring cleaning & each year I procrastinate.
    Alas, yesterday afternoon, I spent the whole afternoon going through my stash looking at
    mostly flowered fabrics. Cleaning will have to wait!

    Norma Jean

  213. My favorite thing about spring is getting to sew pretty dresses for girls of all sizes! Whether it be for my beautiful 18 year old daughter, my newest great niece, or one of my sisters. I love the feel of the fabric as I’m working on my latest project and thinking about and “loving on” the person who will receive it during the entire process.


  214. Oh, Spring! I love that it is time to begin planting – and our first sign of spring, the green buds beginning to form on our weeping willow tree. I do not love the wind!

  215. I love the smells and colors of spring! I like the smell of the snow melting into the earth, creating that earthy muddy smell. I like the smell of the flowers blossoming. And the colors — the palest lavender of the newborn crocuses. Is there a color prettier than that? And Easter colors — all the pastels as they splash across the Easter eggs my kids and I have dyed. And the beautiful pastel-colored dresses that I put on my daughter. I do adore spring!

    I also really like the giveaway fabrics. Years ago, my mother and I embroidered the state birds set and now I’m trying to sew them into a quilt. I’m using light and dark black and white fabrics to offset them and they look beautiful. I could use a few more of these fabrics to finish off this quilt, which has literally been decades in the making!!!

  216. Since it stays cold and gray where we live through March, and sometimes beyond – the best thing about Spring’s arrival is that I started dating my husband in March!

  217. My favorite thing about spring is the blooming and smell of flowers. I can open my windows and smell and see spring all about while I quilt. Brings spring in my house and in my quilting.

  218. Spring, mean all things come alive! I love color and with Spring coming that means we will start seeing color. Grass, flowers, and seeing people outside enjoying the smells of Spring.
    Thanks for the chance to be part of the fabric giveaway.

  219. Living in Central Montana, Spring (and summer) are a very short affair, so we cherish spring dearly and never take it for granted. We wait with baited breath for that last frost to melt so that we can start our planting. Spring to me means seeing God’s creation in baby calves and fawns and the first sprout in my garden. Even in spring, we still have the opportunity to snuggle under a warm quilt.

  220. The smell of moist earth in the sun, the sound of running water as it melts, kids out skipping on the driveway with snowbanks behind them, people with “short wearing disorder”. living in Canada, some people get a bit carried away when it starts to feel like spring and wear shorts in what people anywhere else would consider away too cold weather!

  221. Spring brings faster flow of the river in our backyard, more golfers on the course across the river, wildlife with babies, migration of new birds to sing, & inspiration to sew with the colors of nature!

  222. I love the way the tone and color of light changes, particularly as it gets dark. Here in Georgia, it takes on amazing pinkish tones as the sun begins to set.

  223. My favorite thing about spring is finding the first flowers coming up, the robins eating in our lawn and being about to finally sit on our deck and enjoy a glass of iced tea.

  224. The first sign of spring are the robins who come to our yard. Then the Flicker comes and the Hummingbirds, followed by many different types of birds. The air smells cleaner and fresher and the wonderful sunshine peeks through the clouds. The ocean turns to beautiful blues and greens after being grey most of the winter. The crocus and Glory in the Snow begin to peek out of the ground. Then the tulips and Daffodils bring color back. Life is renewed.

  225. The thing I love most about spring is when the trees start to bud. It creates this magical green mist that contrasts so much with the heavy browns in the forests. It’s spectacular!

  226. I love to hand sew quilts and my favorite thing to be doing this spring is to start a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that my mother and I can do together. We both enjoy sitting and talking together on her porch while sewing the time away and the gentle spring breeze keeps us cool. Then, when the top is done, we will hand quilt the project together on her quilting frames. Once finished, we will present this Made-with-Love work of art to a family member to cherish for years to come!

    Deborah B. Morgan

  227. My favorite part of spring is all about my gardens: cleaning up from fall, getting them ready for planting, ordering seeds and watching for the first bulbs to bloom.

  228. As the crystalline snow begins to melt, the colors of spring pop up in our gardens, flowerbeds and fabric stores. Warm spring winds blowing away the cool winter air and the sun warming the earth with rays of life-giving light. Barren trees swaying quietly in the breeze will leaf out soon into shade-giving green umbrellas. We love it all. We love spring!

  229. Getting out side and planting a garden. I also get the itch to start quilts in the spring. And if I’m successful, I have something to do in the dead of the next winter 🙂

  230. Michelle, Spring is my favorite time of year, It represents the renewal of the earth(Gods Art), through beautiful spring flowers, birds , animals and even the trees with it brings warmer weather and a better outlook on Gods Canvas of Life..So I Love Spring. I also love this material..Thanks for giving to your members..

  231. I live at latitude 61N. As spring arrives we are gaining daylight at almost six minutes a day. We have warming, sunny days but still with bright white snow on the ground — love it!

  232. All the colors of Spring! Finding them in fabric to use in my quilts is awesome. Watching all the colors of Spring slowly appear makes me want to create new projects.

  233. I moved from Florida to Tenessee a couple of years ago, and LOVE the changes of the seasons. Spring turns the bare mountains to beautiful lush green colors. God’s creation is so beautiful!

  234. Hi from the deep south of New Zealand – we are currently in Autumn as are opposite to the States for seasons – but when Spring comes I love the golden daffodils and the Spring lambs!

  235. Spring is like a coming out party of life. It begins with the mixture of the different birds’ song as the day dawns. The grass is wet with the new day’s dew and the flowers seem to sparkle, reflecting the sun in their dew. The trees have the growth of new leaves, and the buds on the flowering trees open. This is the welcoming of Spring.

  236. Spring is my favorite season here in the south. It starts early and each week has more spring surprises. Starting with daffodils, then redbuds, dogwoods, cultivated azaleas and our gorgeous native azaleas. Colors and shapes to feast your eyes on and inspire your imagination.

  237. My favorite thing about is spring is all the brights colors that start showing up. Whether it is in the colors people are wearing, new fabric coming out or the wonderful flowers, it is nice to see the freshness of the season.

  238. Opening the windows and letting the fresh air in is my favorite thing about spring. I want to put away the winter dulls and break out the fresh spring colors.

  239. Spring always brings on creativity. I need to make something. In the early morning you are walking your kids to the bus stop, and the air is damp and green and cool but that warm cool of spring. As the day goes on it warms up and dew evaporates from the sun that seems to have been missing the last few months. You notice the glory of nature and say I have to quilt that!

  240. Spring is pure happiness…. Bright sunshine….cool temperatures….. just a little breeze dries and renews my dampened winter spirit… Leafing trees turn my porch to a cozy tree house where I can read, sew or just be still and enjoy the view…My very favorite of the seasons!

  241. My favorite thing about spring is checking to see what flowers have popped through the ground that day or perhaps budded! Every year it is like a special gift. Birds singing and longer daylight hours are an added bonus in the cold mid-west.

  242. Hi,
    My favorite thing about Spring is everything is new and fresh. New life begging to be loved, snow drops and paper whites coming up and blooming just for us. The fragrance barks Easter in my mind since I was a child. I can smell the chocolate from the Easter bunny. One Easter he left droppings on our door step so I know he is real. One day there are no leaves on the trees and the next over night spontainiously we have a tree full. Warm showers and dew on the leaves. I long for the daffodills and primroses to escort me into summer. What about the frogs? Oh the frogs. Our fondest memories relived once more.
    Theresa Sullivan

  243. I love the fresh smell of the pines as I walk throught the woods, skipping over the puddles left behind by the melting snow. Naturally, my dog Sophie hops into every puddle she can find. Happy times, it’s Spring!

  244. I love the emergence of fresh, spring green leaves and grass. Then the sweet scent of new blossoms, from bulbs to shrubs and trees. As much as I love the fresh greens and pastels of spring, I think the black and white collection of this giveaway is just as marvelous. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  245. My favorite thing about spring is seeing everything start to turn green and get away from the browns of the fields. When snow isn’t covering them it is dull. Everything begins new.

  246. Spring brings soft colors such as the green of emerging leaves on trees, the yellows of daffodils, pinks of redbuds, cherry blossoms and azaleas, and white of the many ornamental rosaceous trees. The colors are soothing and inspirational.

  247. My favorite thing about this time of year is that I exercise without thinking about it. With all the yard work that needs to be done, there’s no need for an extra workout! Between the weeding, the mowing, and the planting it takes care of everything. How do I know? I’m sore for days afterwards in the beginning. (That makes it a good time to rest the sore muscles and get some quilting in.)

  248. The things I love about spring are the things that don’t like me. Blooming flowers and trees and green growing things all make me sneeze but I love being able to open the house up to the fresh breezes.

  249. My favorite is hard…SO many things. But I think the soft air tells me that all of the other good things are here or soon on their way so I think the Spring air has to be my favorite.

  250. My favorite thing about spring is the hundreds of yellow daffodils that I have planted in my large garden for the years. The color explodes the gray of winter.

  251. What lovely fabric. Thank you
    My favorite thing about spring is multi faceted. Warm weather, Warm dirt. Planting seed and small plants. Watching new life appear.

  252. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love it when the grass starts turning green and the flowers start to bloom. The earth seems to come to life once again.

  253. My favorite thing about spring is actually spring cleaning my art space. Gives me a chance to rediscover items I purchased before the holiday hustle and bustle. I then can start fresh on new projects. I also love being able to open the windows and air things out.

  254. Spring! I can spend an hour planting peas and lettuce and spinach and beets, and then go up to my sewing room to put all those luscious green fabrics together in a quilt while I am waiting for the garden to spring forth!

  255. Hi Michelle,
    I think your “Shades of Black” are an absolutely great choice. They scream that we are transitioning from the dark and gloom of the winter (I live in the Pacific Northwest with lots and lots of rain) to the wonder of spring and the various joys and colors it brings. The black representing the transition, the white representing that blank canvas on which we paint our many thoughts of spring. The black accenting and amplifying the brightness of our spring choices and, yet, lying there to remind us that it will return, so, in effect, enticing us to explore the brightness and color while we may. Happy Spring to all! :^)

  256. When I see the bulbs emerging from the ground in the spring it makes me want to stretch, as though I am coming out of hibernation as well. The Moda fabrics would give me good reason to stretch!

  257. Living in Alaska, Spring is always an exciting and greatly anticipated event after the dark, cold months of winter. This is one of my favorite times of the year because I see more and more daylight everyday, the birds are busy and the days when I can work in my garden get closer and closer.

  258. My favorite thing about spring is the scent. Every spring my dad wove baskets using willow reeds. I used to sit on the porch and watch as he wove. Magic. Simple, plain, sturdy baskets. I still use them over 40 years later. Every spring when the rains come and bring the fresh scent of new life I remember my dad making something from nothing but twigs we’d cut. It’s why I quilt. Magic.

  259. My favorite thing about spring is the scent. Every spring my dad wove baskets using willow reeds. I used to sit on the porch and watch as he wove. Magic. Simple, plain, sturdy baskets. I still use them over 40 years later. Every spring when the rains come and bring the fresh scent of new life I remember my dad making something from nothing but twigs we’d cut. It’s why I quilt. Magic.

  260. It’s hard to have just one favorite thing about this time of year when you live in Wisconsin. The days are getting longer and the maple syrup is running during the warm days. The insects are making their way back above ground.

    So I guess my favorite part is the awakening of everything.

  261. It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing about this time of year when you live in Wisconsin. The days are getting longer and the maple syrup is running during the warmer days. The insects are coming up out of the ground.

    So I guess my favorite thing is everything is awakening.

  262. I love that I can go for a bike ride and not freeze, the sound of the birds as I ride to work, the grass getting green, what’s not to like about spring. Well maybe the snow and rain showers, I do live in Montana where the weather can change every 5 minutes.

  263. When my early crocus pop up in my front yard with dots of white, yellow & purple. Sometimes through snow, other years, just through bedraggled grass. It makes me happy. And it is right now in Hic ksville, NY

  264. My favourite thing about Spring is waking up in daylight, finishing work in daylight, daffodil walks, vibrant colours in nature and the smells of hot cross buns and chocolate!!

  265. I Love the birds migrating thru Texas, we get so many on their way north. This year those that stick arround will have my scraps of fabric and thread to add to their nests, it’s always a joy to see them fly past with pieces in their beaks.

  266. I love this time because the animals return to our little backyard. The birds eat the berries off the trees while others get the insects, the squirrels chase each other all over, and they all enjoy the little fountain. The sounds and sights of joy cheer my soul.

  267. love this!!! I can see a beautiful quilt being made with these! My husband loves loves loves black and it would tie in nicely with our bedding ensemble! Hope I win! Hope I win!

  268. My favorite thing about spring is watching everything start growing again. I walk around the yard every morning and am simply amazed at all of the tiny green things that are growing and changing – also being able to walk around the garden again!

  269. My favorite thing about the new season is that it is the time of the year that I clean out my fabric stash and donate it to one of my quilt guilds and buy new fabrics for some new projects I want to start. It is all good when you are a quilter….

  270. Spring starts with my birthday on 3/24 and just gets better! Loves to sew with the window open, the sun streaming in, and the birds singing. Can’t ask for a better day.I think I’ll spend Sunday doing just that!

  271. Spring starts with my birthday on 3/24 and just gets better! Loves to sew with the window open, the sun streaming in, and the birds singing. Can’t ask for a better day.I think I’ll spend Sunday doing just that!