Learn a Newsworthy Technique for Your Quilt Art

Lately I've become interested in adding paper to my quilt art. There are so many different ways to do this; I could make a paper quilt, make fabric paper to use in an art quilt, or even just stitch paper directly onto a fabric collage.

Although it's subtle, the inclusion of transferred newspaper clippings in this art quilt
give it dimension.

I like to use text in my art quilting, so I've been especially intrigued by mixed-media quilt artist Jeannie Palmer Moore's method of using newspapers in her quilting art.

In this technique, Jeannie combines newsprint, organza, water-soluble crayons, gel medium, and free-motion stitching to create a multi-layered piece of quilt art.

Here is her technique for transfering the newspaper to silk organza.

1. Cut a piece of newsprint from a newspaper. You can use only black-and-white text or a page with color.

2. Lay the piece of newsprint on your work surface and cover it with a piece of organza.

preparing newsprint and organza for gel medium
The organza laid over the newspaper clipping, before applying the gel medium.
removing excess newsprint from organza
Scrubbing the excess newsprint.
newsprint transferred to quilt art
The finished, desconstructed transfer.

3. To create a deconstructed look with the newsprint, top the organza with a Thermofax screen that has a mottled pattern. Then use a squeegee or old credit card to pull gel medium through the screen. This will adhere the newsprint to the organza. Be sure to wash the screen promptly.

Note: If you don't have a Thermofax screen, you could use a stencil with a random allover pattern or apply the gel medium directly to the organza with the squeegee, making sure to leave gaps here and there.

4. Allow the organza and newsprint to dry completely. When dry, submerge the piece in a small pan of warm water and scrub the back (the newsprint side) with a scrub brush to remove the newsprint that was not touched by the gel medium.

When the excess newsprint has been removed, let dry and you will now have a newsprint transfer to use in your quilt art. The effect is subtle, but the text and texture give the art quilt dimension.

Jeannie teaches a workshop on how to make a wall hanging using this technique along with her other mixed-media methods and says at the end she was always asked, "Do you have a video?"

Now she does! "Mixed-Media Quilt Art: Creating With Paint, Stitch, and Canvas" is now available for download or on a DVD.

P.S. Do you use paper in your fiber or quilt art? How? Do you have any advice for me? Share it with everyone below.

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3 thoughts on “Learn a Newsworthy Technique for Your Quilt Art

  1. One method I had learned from a work shop with Fran Skiles was to take that clear packing tape. you can tape over a magazine page or a printed image that is toner based not Ink Jet.. once you rub the tape really well on the image.. submerge it in water and rub the back with your finger and all the paper will remove except for the toner. It can be a bit mess.. and you will have to continue to get it wet to get all the paper fibers off. BUT I have found once you lay it in your with with a gloss gel medium the tape is so transparent you can hardly tell.

  2. When you have printed on the gel medium and allowed it to dry it is best to iron the organza carefully before putting it into the water.
    Not only can you use newspaper but photocopies or laser printed copies of images or text.