Learn How to Quilt with Four Free Projects

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Quilt making doesn't have to be complex, with hours of cutting, piecing, and sewing tiny seams.

In this free eBook, How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt, you'll learn how to quilt using fabric scraps, craft-store flowers, a fish, and canvas and paint.

At the same time, you'll receive basic quilting lessons for making a quilt binding, machine quilting, and fabric fusing.

You'll even learn how to make a quilt in two different ways using the same theme and dimensions.

In "Transformation: From Crafty Silk Flower to Sheer Sensation," Peggy Holt shows how to make a quilt using sheer fabrics and flowers, from choosing the materials to designing, quilting, and binding.

Yvonne Porcella gives a lesson in how to make a quilt that reflects you and your personality in "Creative Self-Portraits." You'll learn about fused appliqué, making a quilt sandwich, and binding.

Learn how to make a self-portrait
quilt from award-winning artist
Yvonne Porcella.

Friends and frequent collaborators Jane Dávila and Elin Waterston show how, armed with the same parameters for making a quilt, two people can come up with completely different designs in "Take 2: Two Quilt Artists Share Their Unique Approaches to a Fishy Subject."

And in "Stitched Layers," Patricia Gaignat shows how to make a mixed-media journal quilt using canvas, paint, machine stitching, hand stitching, and embellishments.

How to Quilt: 4 Free Projects to Learn How to Make a Quilt, is filled with quilting tips from expert art quilters. 

You'll be able to use these quilt projects to learn how to make a quilt that is a unique work of art, as individual as you are.


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