Learn the Magic of Ice Dyeing Fabric – New Live Webinar with Lynda Heines

Want to stay cool with a hot surface design technique this summer? Learn How to Dye Fabric with Ice from expert Lynda Heines. 

how to dye with ice webinar

Ice just so happens to produce some of the most vibrant patterns on fabric. Curious what results you can create on your fabric with ice and dye? Tune into this innovative and interactive online seminar with surface design artist Lynda Heines.

Join us Tuesday, July 2, 2013, at 1 p.m. ET, or 5 p.m. GMT for international registrants.

In this webinar, you'll learn about the materials and process for ice dyeing, and excite in the endless array of possibilities for your quilt projects using this spectacular surface design technique.

Lynda will guide you through:

  • Creating vibrant hand-dyed fabric with ice
  • Selecting and preparing your fabric for dyeing
  • Getting some control over the results
  • Tips to fix unsatisfactory pieces

In addition, you'll learn how to prepare your fabric, what supplies work best, and necessary dyeing precautions.

Everyone who registers for How to Dye Fabric with Ice: A fun & easy surface design technique will receive a recording of the webinar approximately 48 hours after the live event, plus a 30% discount on other similar products sure to kindle your surface design creativity.

learn how to dye with ice live webinar
Ice dyeing fabric is fun and easy, with beautiful results. Come learn how from the an expert!

More about Lynda: Lynda Heines found her love for surface design through writing a column for the local newspaper about area artists. She was so impressed by their art that she was inspired to spend more time creating, especially with fabric, dyes, and paint. Through her experiments, she discovered dyeing with ice cubes, her technique published in Quilting Arts. In addition to ice dyeing, she also loves working with other surface design techniques including sun printing, resists, gelatin printing, and marbling. Her spin art was also published in Quilting Arts

Lynda lives in Southern Indiana with her husband and two cats on a couple acres of land they call "Happy Acres." Between creating art in her two studio areas, Lynda, a master gardener, helps with their large garden and fruit orchard. They also make soap, freeze and dry their harvests, and there is usually always some fresh bread in the kitchen. Lynda blogs at bloombakecreate.com.

Don't miss this chance to learn how fun and easy it is to dye with ice. Register now.

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