Make a Modern Memory Quilt with Ties

So many of our fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and uncles have worn ties to work every day or for special occasions.

bowman tie memory quilt
Trish Bowman makes a memory quilt, using ties in a herringbone pattern, on ‘Quilting Arts TV’ Series 1600.

When their tie-wearing days are over, there might be 30 or more ties that we just don’t know what to do with. Rather than give them away, why not make a memory quilt with them?

A tie quilt is a great way to incorporate wonderful memories of your favorite guy into something tangible that can snuggled under. Tie quilts are not difficult to make. Ties are fabric–silk, wool, polyester, or whatever–so don’t be afraid to sew them into quilts.

Just follow these guidelines and tips from quilter Trish Bowman–plus your imagination and scrappy quilting skills–and you can have your own personalized quilt to honor that special man in your life.

Tips for Make Memory Quilts with Ties
By Trish Bowman (as featured in ‘QATV’ Series 1600)

1. Stabilize them to keep stretching to a minimum as you sew. Shop for a stabilizer that is recommended for the type of tie fabric you are working with.

2. Press, do not iron. Ties are full of bias edges and even when stabilized, they can stretch if you iron them.

3. Finish seams with a serger or overcast stitch to control fraying.

4. Use ties in scrappy quilts, they are great!

5. Highlight the ties you have–even if you don’t have a lot–in a single scrappy block or other feature in a quilt.

6. Mix ties with other fabrics. The borders and sashing in my tie quilts are 100% quilter’s cotton.

Don’t have old ties but like the look? Thrift shops are filled with them, so go shopping and start quilting.

Trish and many other creative quilters share their tips, tricks, and techniques in Quilting Arts TV” Series 1600 with host Susan Brubaker Knapp. Catch all the new episodes now!

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