Make a Quilt Supplies Wish List and You Could Win

Treat your mom (yourself, or a friend) this Mother's Day!

What quilting supplies do you wish for?

Fill out her crafting WISH LIST with up to $50 worth of product from the Quilting Daily Shop. We'll pick one lucky winner to receive everything on their list! Winner selected May 7.

Choose from items like QATV DVDs, WorkshopTM videos, quilt and surface design books, and more.

Get the rules and all the other details now. And hurry: May 7 and Mother's Day are approaching fast!

Good luck!

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4 thoughts on “Make a Quilt Supplies Wish List and You Could Win

  1. Wish List? Hmmm…just about everything for surface design but I especially love the gel medium(matte) and paints. Don’t have the latest series 1000 QArts Tv so that would be great…I could go on & on. Mixed media is such fun.!

  2. first not every one is on facebook some of us do not do facebook we would rather spend our time doing other things, so I really think if you are going to have any kind of contest it would only be fair that it be open to everyone, not just those who can like you on facebook. and as to this page blue print? you really think that is best ? I is a great color as I hav eblue as my favorite color but it sure is hard to see to read whatever you have written so you just might want to rethink the color print to darker shades for visiblitiy for us older people with vision problems…

  3. Hi,

    Candy48, thanks for your enthusiasm!

    Beanicks, thanks for your feedback. We have many different types of contests through Quilting Daily and try to offer something for everyone, including blog giveaways and contests via social media. We understand that not everyone will be able to or want to participate in all of them. I hope you’ll keep you eyes out for the next blog-related contest/giveaway, which will be coming soon.

    As to the hyperlink color, I will pass that information on to our designers/IT staff for consideration the next time we do a re-design. I appreciate your insight.

    Cate Prato
    Online Editor, Quilting Daily