Make Gift Tags and Send them to Us – Deadline Extended!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is wrapping all the presents. I spend all year collecting pretty papers, gorgeous ribbons, and fun embellishments to make my gifts even more special.

I used surface design techniques with felt to create
this decorative gift tags. Make your own and send them
to us by May 31!

Creating a one-of-a kind gift tag to tie on the top of a box shows the recipients your affection in visual form. Plus, a gift tag can be used as a unique ornament after all of the presents are unwrapped.

I recently whipped up a couple of gift tags using some of my favorite surface design techniques. I cut several bases from wool felt using two of the gift tag templates provided with the challenge on our website.

On the coral tag I painted a piece of bubble wrap and pressed it onto a sun-printed fabric for the lovely texture that it creates. Then I printed a wooden carved stamp over the bubble wrap design. Finally I hand colored the stamped design with Inktense pencils. A quick straight stitch attached the painted and printed fabric to the felt.

For the green tag, I began with a beautiful shibori dyed fabric and stamped a spiral with opaque acrylic paint and an Asian proverb with a stamp pad meant for fabrics. A zigzag stitch keeps it all together. I used colored grommets that I found in a scrapbooking store for a neat hang hole in each tag and added yarn or cording as a loop through each.

If you're looking for an excuse to spend a little quality time in your studio this weekend, then you'll be happy to know that the deadline for the gift tag challenge for Quilting Arts Gifts has been extended to Friday, May 31.

We can't wait to see what you create!


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One thought on “Make Gift Tags and Send them to Us – Deadline Extended!

  1. Having just returned from three flights (our daughter graduated from college!), I suggest using ideas like these for luggage tags for both checked and carry-on pieces. (At the TSA checkpoint, I ended up separated from one of my pieces, which had no tag. Never again!)